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Ways to Embody Your Personal Truth with Confidence and Ease

How well do you know yourself? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and embraced

your personal truth with confidence and ease? When did you last dive deep into all those identities that you've accumulated over

time and checked in to see if those are even in alignment with your personal truth?

When we take the time to know who we are, to understand our nature, our heart, and our deep soul callings, life begins to show up differently, more aligned.

Woman Embodying Her Authenticity

It begins with trust. Trust in yourself and trust in the Universe. Without that trust a foundation doesn't exist. Without a foundation, there's nothing concrete or solid to build a beautiful life from.

You come with an amazing sound board, intuitive intelligence, and an innate sense of being.

The solution is to come back home to your authentic self. Then enjoy the relearning process by connecting and aligning with what is actually your energy, your heart, your soul, your thoughts, and your beliefs. In a way that is safe, loving, gentle, and sometimes terribly uncomfortable.

The more you trust, the stronger your foundation, and rather than be lead away from what you know to be true, you'll be drawn to the opportunities meant for you.

Three Keys to Authentic Embodiment:


Clarity opens you up to seeing beyond the illusion of all that you've ever been told that is true of you. Without clarity it's no different than walking in the same circle day after day, not getting anywhere but placing hope that at some point things will make sense.

Clarity affords you to see not just with your two eyes, but with your Third Eye as well, your inner authority, your inner knowing. We've actually been given some amazing energetic blueprints about ourselves that can help us to validate what we most know to be true.

Through clarity you gain the awareness and insight to see from a higher perspective, and work from your Higher Self.


With direction, you free up all those limiting beliefs, recurring patterns, and unproven stories. It helps you to get out of your way so you're able to navigate your life from a place of embodied leadership.

Direction asks you to trust in the unknown, and let go of the forcing, controlling, and making something happen that isn't in alignment with your highest potential.


Your presence, your most authentic essence is what sets you apart from everyone else. It's what magnetizes next-level growth both personally and professionally.

No one can be you. No one has your energy. In your authentic essence you exude the confident presence of someone who has self-worth and value, and can easily attract what's meant for you.

Your authentic self naturally resonates from your Higher Self. The more time you spend living in a lower resonance, the easier it is to feel disconnected and as if life is happening to you. When you connect to your higher resonance, you become the co-creator and collaborator of your life.


When making decisions, practice dropping into the heart. Feel into the answer. Then respond.

Check in with yourself to see if you're being motivated by fear or a lack of inner trust. Self-trust filters out insecurities.

Strengthen your personal foundation so you can feel safer in your body and in your environment.

Your path evolves with you, because of you, and can only be walked by you.


I am here to speak my authentic truth. My words hold value.

Authenticity is my personal foundation of truth and love.

I hold the key to stand in the power of my light.

I cultivate authentic abundance through alignment with my Higher Self.

When I am authentically aligned, I call in all that is meant for me.

I bathe in the resonance of my personal truth.

I am in alignment with my most authentic, personal truth.

Choose a few affirmations from my quotes below and see what resonates most for you. Affirmations allow us to see where we still hold some wounds and insecurities, as well as the potency of words on our energy.

As you step into your authentic self, you'll find liberation in your voice, and no longer suppress your personal truths in order to fit into misaligned identities.

You'll be liberated from all those identifiers that you convinced yourself helped you feel safe, that you belonged, and gave you a false sense of security. Through that liberation your long-hidden gifts can be recovered, and rebirth can begin.

You'll gain introspection and clarity as to how those loops and patterns constructed from anxiety, fear, overwhelm, panic, being an empath, an introvert, or a highly sensitive person kept you disconnected from your heart speak, your soul song, and trust in your natural innate abilities. You'll gain courage to no longer need to walk through life from a surface level, afraid to tackle anything too deep for fear of what it might bring up or what you might have to relive or revisit. You won't feel the pressure of being driven by all the insecure mind chatter, neglect your feminine edge, or be overrun by limiting factors.

The more you step into your personal truth portal, the easier it is to let these identifiers go, and the easier it is to welcome yourself back home.

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