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As a Master Healer

I bring a uniquely creative, blended, and deeply transformational approach to healing. I believe healing is very personal and curated to the individual. I work with both men and women.


Some of the modalities I use to help you heal timelines, inner child wounds, mother wounds, witch wounds, anxiety, overwhelm, a variety of fears and patterns, and burnout so you can experience more time, peace, ease, joy, success, and healthy relationships include:

Shamanic healing, tools, and practices

Soul Retrieval

Angelic Reiki and Healing

Light Language

Harmonizing Feminine/Masculine Energies

Meditations and Visualizations

Meditative and Deep Dive Journaling

Holy Fire® Reiki

Oracle and Divination

Chants, Mantras, and Prayer

Various Embodiment Practices

Spiritual Path Awakening

Inner Light Illumination

Chakra and Aura Alignment

Anointing with essential oils and holy oils

My Healing Values:


Energetic Hygiene

Before any session with you I cleanse myself, my space, and deeply ground with the divine.


Sacred Space Holding

I create a sacred space to hold you in so you can feel safe and supported during your healing.



I will always ask permission to enter your energy field as you retain free will as a sovereign being.

The Healing Chamber


Divine Sight Healing

In this 45-minute session, I complete a psychic scan and an intuitive reading to pinpoint and bring awareness around areas that are keeping you in old patterns, limiting beliefs, and fears. I'll then do a personalized healing based on the insight that has come through.


Deep Root Healing

This is a very grounding and anchoring 45-minute healing session. I use a blend of modalities to release fears, recurring patterns, insecurities, overwhelm, and self-doubt so you can feel more at ease to take confident next steps within your life and/or business.


Heart Alight Healing

Enjoy this 45-minute session to help open and uplift your heart into a peaceful frequency utilizing an intuitive blend of insight, Holy Fire and Angelic Reiki, Chakra and Aura cleansing and opening, along with light language and soothing tones to help open and uplift the heart.

All sessions include an email follow-up within 48 hours with the option to dive deeper into healing and transformational work together.

Nic Fewkes - Flight Controller

"Nancy has a wealth of knowledge and insight which she conveys in an easy to understand and straight forward manner. She is highly intuitive and an amazing healer. Her guidance has always been relevant to whatever area we have been working on at the time."

Some Insight About Me


I've been highly connected to the earth, angels, guides, guardians, spirit animals, Mother Earth, and Divine Source since I was born.


Currently I can recall 27 past lives, some of which include as a swan priestess, high priestess of Isis-Hathor, daughter of Mary Magdalene, witch(many times), medicine woman, healer, warrior, oracle, diviner, Lemurian, Sirian, and Venusian.


It has taken me considerable healing of my own timelines to fully reclaim my voice, spiritual gifts, and psychic powers, so I don't take healing lightly.

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Many of my friends and soul-aligned clients are karmic relationships from my past-lives. I have met many soul sisters and brothers in this lifetime - you may be one!

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What's Next ?


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