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Feeling Navigation To Love Yourself Whole

Your journey isn't meant to be based on thinking, it's about feeling navigation and how to love yourself whole.

Consider these two scenarios:

1. The belief that there's always work to be done, always something to fix, always another issue waiting in line, a never-ending procession of thinking, "ah, that's another thing I have to work on".

2. A lifetime of learning and unlearning, an ebb and flow of reflection, recalibration, and resiliency, being curious, and opening up to new perspectives, feeling, "I'm on an infinite journey with myself, and it's through love that I'll find my way".

You can think your way through life. Or you can experience life through feeling navigation.

The thinking way tends to hold judgement, criticism, and generally a pretty harsh, unkind, and skewed version of yourself. Much of it consists of old patterns, a mash-up of stories you've told yourself and what others have made you believe, conditioned beliefs, and fear.

The feeling navigation way holds you in high esteem, is an open-hearted witness, and only asks you to love yourself and the many paths you find yourself on. To learn who you are and how to confidently, lovingly, compassionately grow into who you are, without looking for all the ways you don't measure up, that you aren't enough, that you're flawed.

Our emotions and feelings are constantly sending us important insight to better help us filter out, gain objectivity, and move through. Riding emotions can seem overwhelming if you're reacting rather than listening and responding. It takes practice and mastery to ride the wave of emotions. Feelings allow for a foundation, a place to land and get centered, to ask for more guidance and information, and to open up from a space of willingness and love.

You're here to fall in love in many different capacities. The most important is to love yourself. When you love yourself, it becomes that middle link that everything else is connected to and expands from.

By shifting the energy from working on yourself to journeying WITH yourself, you naturally raise your frequency. In the past I used to navigate from a place where my body was its own entity - separate from me - and I believed my body held me back from doing what I wanted.

There was something I was either not enough of or too much of. Not tall, not short. Not thin, too curvy. Too pale, not special. At some point I didn't like the way I was feeling about myself and it led me on a journey that I'm still on and will always be on. As I practiced self-love and compassion, I stopped shaming and blaming myself, and felt like a whole person. All the parts you think need changing only ever ask for your love.

When you feel into your journey, you won't feel the need to compare yourself, speak unkindly, or disrespect yourself. You'll know your worth. You'll see that you are enough. You won't feel the need to change yourself to make someone else happy. You'll place your happiness and your heart as a compass.

Your journey will be what you make of it, what you let it in, what you hold onto, what you let go, what you're aware of, what you accept, and especially how you give and receive love. On your authentic and infinite journey, you really can love yourself whole.


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