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Lead From Your Frequency™

Fine-tune the energetic flow around your life + business to amplify your authentic potential, purpose, and presence.



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Energy Embodiment Mentor

Intuitive Business Coach

Transformational Life Coach

Human Design Specialist

Gene Keys Specialist

Mental Health Specialist
Mindfulness Practitioner

Quantum Reiki Master/Teacher

Energy Healing Practitioner


"Energy is your inner essence, your presence.

It's your GOLD" ~Nancy

Keys to Lead From Your Authentic and Aligned Frequency:


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With Clarity you gain awareness so that you can be the innovator you are to bring fresh new insight to your clients.

​Your essence is what sets you apart from everyone else -- your authentic Presence. It's what magnetizes next-level growth and creates exciting new connections.

With Direction you free unhealed patterns, unproven beliefs, conditioned labels, and cultivate the confidence to stay out of your own way. 


There's an energy you alone are here to bring. It's your unique attractor ability.



When you're the one influencing others and making connections happen, the last thing you


want is to second guess your natural abilities or stare at a computer screen.

It's easy to flip our frequency from ease into doubt. It can also be easy to flip your frequency from doubt back to ease. When you're aware of what moves you into that idleness, you reclaim your power. In your power you are in your frequency.

If you're interested in how to cultivate more clarity, direction, and confident presence to lead from your frequency, set up a call with me.



1:1 Personalized Sessions to gain clarity and direction in your life and business.

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Purpose Realignment

1:1 Personalized guidance and support meeting you where you are in your personal journey.

Flip Your Frequency

1:1 Flip Your Frequency in 5 sessions designed to move you from idle to influential.

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In this 2-hour intensive, you'll gain insight into what shifts you can make now to level up.

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Cheryl Lee, Now's Your Time

Working with Nancy was an amazing experience, she has really impacted my life and my development.

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Fiona Drake, Positive Psychology

Nancy highlighted areas that I could create even more success in my life, by working on my energy type.


Rebecca Cross, Pulse on Prosperity

Nancy is an amazing mentor and her approach to support and guidance is out of this world!

Get personalized insight, support, and accountability

You have a one-of-a-kind soul vision to create and meaningful connections to make!

You're here to be a mover and shaker.

Let's do a deep dive into how clarity, direction, and presence can move you into more confidence in your life and business.

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