Authentic and Aligned

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Guiding conscious soul-led women to activate their gifts, voice, and intuition through authentic embodiment and energetic mastery in their life and business.

Authentic Embodiment 6 Week Experience Freedom Into Flow begins September 6th


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Authentic Embodiment Initiator

Certified Transformation Coach

Quantum Business Mentor

Human Design Specialist

Gene Keys Specialist

Mental Health Specialist
Mindfulness Practitioner

Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Energy Healing Practitioner



"Energy is your inner essence, your presence.

It's your GOLD" ~Nancy

Three Keys to Lead From Your Authentic and Aligned Frequency:


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With Clarity you have a greater ability to trust in yourself and operate from a more aligned and healed place. You won't be so easily swayed to grasp at the shiny objects and


you can appreciate what once were triggers and see them as friendly reminders. Through


clarity you gain more self-trust and self-reliance.

   ​Your Presence - your authentic essence, is what sets you apart from everyone else. It's the experience you give, your magnetic abundance attractor, and is completely unique


to you. The more  authentic and aligned your presence, the more aligned you are in your


personal truth, the stronger your presence will be.

  With Direction you free unhealed patterns, unproven beliefs, conditioned labels, and cultivate the confidence to stay out of your own way. You'll find less obstacles as you move


closer to what you see for yourself. You'll be able to navigate your path from a place of


empowerment, leadership, and integrity.

When you understand the inner workings of your life-force energy, it's revolutionary for you and your business. Energy is all about the experience you bring and the way you attract clients, opportunities, possibilities, and an abundantly rich life.

I'm an embodied life, leadership, and business guide for conscious soul-led women who are ready to activate their intuition, creative self-expression, and inherent gifts through energetic mastery in their life and business so they can create an authentic foundation of limitless growth and expansion.

If you're interested in how to cultivate more clarity, direction, and confident presence to lead from your frequency, set up a call with me.

Authentic and Aligned Mission



Showing up from a place of integrity, personal truth, and authentic presence


Authentic Abundance

Creating financial wholeness in direct co-partnership with Source


Embodied Leadership

Liberation from old patterns and beliefs to generate embodied wisdom


Heart Centered

Whole alignment of mind, body, heart, and soul to create meaningful impact

"Working with her is not just transformational, but it will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world." ~Polly Bagley

Ways I Work With Women Like You

Freedom Into Flow

6-week authentic embodiment group journey.

Authentic Resonance

6-month 1:1 energy embodiment of your authentic essence.

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Lead From Your Frequency

12-month 1:1 of energetic alignment in your life and business.


Aimee Browne, Time + Biz Strategist

I feel like a new version of myself, empowered, thriving and my business results have soared too.

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Fiona Drake, Positive Psychology

Nancy highlighted areas that I could create even more success in my life, by working on my energy type.


Rebecca Cross, Pulse on Prosperity

Nancy is an amazing mentor and her approach to support and guidance is out of this world!

Why clients love to work with me:

I challenge you step into your authentic power from a place of compassion.

I have a gift of seeing you as you truly are.

I excel at finding and disrupting patterns and belief systems that keep you in limbo.

I'm a natural harmonizer of energies. I've understood energy since I was a child.

You can count on me to be fully present and engaged in your transformational journey.

What you see is what you get - I uphold the very principles of which I named my business.

Get personalized insight, support, and accountability

“She has such great energy!”

“Incredible energy shifts around my business.”

“I feel like a new version of myself!” 

When you take the time to know who you are, to understand your nature, your heart, and your deep soul callings, life begins to show up in all the ways you want.

Your most authentic foundation isn't one that asks you to go against your core beliefs, your sovereign being, or governs your mind or body. It simply asks you to open to it and love it unconditionally because your foundation is made up of everything that encompasses you.

If you're ready for more clarity, direction, and authentic presence in your life, your business, or both, set up a clarity call with me by clicking below, and shift into the authentic and aligned frequency of YOU!

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