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Guiding soulful women who feel unseen to activate their gifts, voice, and heart intelligence through authentic embodiment, healing, and energetic mastery.

Hi, I'm Nancy!


Ready To ACTIVATE your 2023 vision?

"Energy is your inner essence, your presence.

It's your GOLD" ~Nancy


Ways I Work With Beautiful Souls Like You


1:1 Private Mentorship

Authentic embodiment and energy alignment for soul-led women.


Group Experience

Check back for early bird enrollment mid-February 2023

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Sacred Forecast

Activate your year with a highly intuitive and channeled session

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Monthly Authentic Light Embodiment Community.

You are here to live your most authentic and aligned life.

Being sensitive, emotional, tuned into your feelings, soulful, and heart-centered aren't weaknesses, or problems that needs to be covered up. They serve as guides to show you the path back home to yourself. The fact that you're emotionally and energetically sensitive is because you know you're here for a greater role and purpose. The fact that you are deeply connected to the inner workings of your energetic life force is because you're here to connect in ways that not everyone will understand. You know deep in your core, deep in your soul space that the current state of the world is severely out of alignment and operates from nothing more than illusion.

Authentic embodiment is saying yes to the whole of you. A remembrance of your essence. A courageous declaration of loving acceptance. A long-awaited return to your origin.

It's a journey of re-connection, an alignment of emotions and feelings, heart and intuition, mind, body, spirit, and soul.

It may seem overwhelming, and far too time and energy intensive when you already feel tapped out, burned out, unseen, unheard, undervalued, and most certainly that you're lifetimes ahead of others.

But if you've been receiving the call and are feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and uncertain that you're up to the next part of your journey, know that you are more ready than you realize, and you don't need to go it alone.

It begins with you - to say yes, and honor the full awakening of who you are, what you're here to do, and allow life to be the initiation of your highest and greatest potential.

Becoming authentic and aligned is your soul's calling - the path of resonance, resilience, and radiance.

If you're ready, and have been ready, you're in the right place.

I get it, becoming authentic and aligned is my life's work

What they're saying...

"Working with her is not just transformational, it will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world."

~Polly Bagley


You're here because...

You're ready to live a more soulful life that is true to you and in alignment with your purpose

You long to nurture and reconnect to your divine energy and live from your heart

You want to explore your feelings and emotions in a way that is safe and empowering

You crave freedom to creatively express yourself and activate your voice to heal and make a difference

You're deeply intuitive and are hiding your gifts and talents because it seems like a safe option

You need direction to get out of your own way so you can heal your wounds and triggers to expand

You want someone to walk this part of your journey with who knows this spiral path well and believes in you with all their heart and soul


My Mission

Authentic and Aligned is on a mission to inspire soul-led women who feel unseen to own their inherent gifts, speak their authentic truth, heal their wounds, and have unshakeable trust so they can create expansive lives and businesses as embodied and emboldened leaders.

The Framework to embody
The Frequency of You


With CLARITY you embody your authentic self, you create the foundation that everything you want - everything that already exists for you - can build and grow from. This is your unique resonance.

With DIRECTION you navigate away from unhealed patterns, unproven beliefs, and conditioned labels, to cultivate the confidence to stay out of your own way. This is your resilience.

Your PRESENCE your authentic essence, is unique and sets you apart from anyone else. Your inherent gifts and self-expression magnifies when you own your personal truth. This is your radiance.

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Aimee Browne, Time + Biz Strategist

I feel like a new version of myself, empowered, thriving and my business results have soared too.

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Fiona Drake, Positive Psychology

Nancy highlighted areas that I could create even more success in my life, by working on my energy type.


Rebecca Cross, Pulse on Prosperity

Nancy is an amazing mentor and her approach to support and guidance is out of this world!


Polly Bagley, Follow Your Sunshine

Nancy helped me let go of some limiting beliefs which led to some incredible shifts around my business.

on the blog

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Authentic and Aligned Values


Aligning with your values, integrity, personal truth, and embodied presence


Creating resourced abundance through equal balance of giving and receiving


Opening space for conscious change through the lens of interconnectedness


Awakening soulful compassion for yourself, the world, and New Earth Gaia

Ready to embody the authentic and aligned frequency of you?

Click below to take the next step...

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