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Transform Your Life and Rise With Unshakeable Confidence

Rediscover a life of endless possibilities and unwavering freedom as I empower you to heal, embrace, and embolden the relationship you have with yourself, so you can create your next level success with more ease.


I am dedicated to supporting authentic rising visionary entrepreneurs, healers,and sacred wisdom leaders in making meaningful impact in the world by rediscovering self-belief, confidence, and living an expansive, authentic life.

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Unlock Your True Purpose

Transition from your overthinking mind into learning to lead by what inspires you and feels good in your body to create more expansion in your life and/or business. Unlock your full potential to rediscover what is possible so you can live with more joy, freedom, and ease.



Look through the lens of expanded truth rather than accept limitations. By breaking free from the fear of self-judgment, doubt, and untrue identities, you can navigate from your Higher Self so you can stay more present, confident, and energized.



Reconnect to your Higher Power so you can stop second-guessing your decisions and show up unapologetically. Reactivate your mission, vision, and why to create a lasting legacy of meaningful impact in others and help to rebuild the world.



Tammy Bowman

Nancy has been an incredible mentor who has helped me reclaim my inner power, my voice, to trust in myself and my feelings, and most importantly, helping me realize that it’s ok to be who I truly am."

Eileen Boydell

"I discovered Nancy online and sensed there was a lot of resonance with her message. She taught me the best way to promote myself in line with my own personal makeup. She will help to give you clarity and vision to create your future self."

Louise Dewes

Working with Nancy has been life changing! I wanted to gain more self trust and empowerment. She was so supportive and it's like she knows exactly what you need but leads you too find your own truth - empowerment!

Ways I Work With You

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Immerse yourself w/ a collective of soul-centered visionaries + wisdom leaders to embody and align with your truth, your purpose, and your Higher Self.

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The Intuitive Innovators Academy for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Soulpreneurs, and Healers who want to explore and integrate their emerging spiritual and psychic gifts into their business.

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Private 1:1

I hold space for you to confront fears, explore passions, identify your purpose, and create a life that aligns with your values and vision with ease.

Hi There, I'm Nancy!

As a highly intuitive and psychic transformational and embodiment mentor, master healer, and wisdom teacher, I illuminate the paths of rising visionaries, healers, and new earth catalysts. With a deep connection to the energies of the universe, I channel my gifts to facilitate a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and success. Through my intuitive sessions I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of women (and some men) to ease fears, dismantle limiting beliefs and stagnant patterns, unlock their true selves, and believe in their brilliance so they can make impactful change in their soul-driven mission.

I seamlessly blend mystical wisdom with practical strategies and empowering practices to fully support you through dynamic change and transformation.

I'm here to help you get aligned to your highest authentic expression through deep inner trust and fearless, focused action.

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There's incredible liberation in self-truth.

Gain renewed self-worth, find inner fulfillment, say yes to the desires you distance yourself from, and let freedom from untrue stories, false identities, and deep belief blocks be your catalyst to change.

 Authentic Leaders Rising

Join my heart-led email community for insight and tools to help you rise into your most authentic, embodied, empowered, and enlightened self, plus receive access to list-only rates, special offers and event invites.

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What You Can Expect

Expansion and Reconnection

Reframe limiting beliefs and cultivate heart/mind ease so you can bravely step out of comfort zones and create connection with your body wisdom.

Self-discovery and Aligned Purpose

Heal past fears and timelines to unveil what's possible within you now, and explore your true potential to make meaningful and impactful change.

Inner Trust and Higher Conscious Awareness

Get anchored into your deep inner knowing and reclaim your authentic identity so you can boldly trust the choices you make in your life and business. 

Join my community
Believe In Your Brilliance

Client Love & Gratitude

Visionary Leader

"As a Visionary I have not always been aware of my gifts or how to use them and Nancy has invested time and passion to remind me of what I am here to do. She has helped me work from my Visionary gifts and help me reach a level of confidence and courage I never knew was in me. I am moving forward to continue to do the work I have set out to do."

-Rebecca Cross

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