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Ten Prompts To Increase Inner Resilience Awareness

At this point you may believe that you are far more resilient than you've ever been, and you wouldn't be incorrect. Resiliency is an important tool to help you navigate your day-to-day. Use the ten prompts below to help bring more awareness around your inner resilience.

resilient woman overlooking the water

What is resiliency anyways? It's an ability to recover from an emotional or traumatic event, prolonged stress, or simply life's demands. Like it or not your resiliency gets regularly tested. There isn't a set timeline to go by as recovery looks different for each person. There's no one way to recover. A setback for one person might not affect someone else. Every individual bounces back based on their personal coping mechanisms, level of support or the ability to get support, and a host of other factors.

How resilient you are also depends on how you choose to react or respond. If you are confident, have a strong sense of self-worth and value, and have created practices and tools to be responsive rather than reactive, you have a higher resilience frequency. If you're prone to anxiety, self-doubt, maybe you don't have a very good sense of self-worth, and react negatively to situations, then there are some great questions to ask yourself to help you ignite your resilience frequency.

Ten Prompts To Bring More Awareness Around Your Inner Resilience:

Now, before you start these prompts, make yourself a cuppa something you enjoy, or at least sip some water. Take a deep breath and get grounded and present. You may want to grab a journal, or at least a notepad to jot your thoughts and get them out of your head. Then I want you to feel into each question. Yep, feel into them. And perhaps only answer a few at a time with breaks in between. Keep it simple to start and then later you can explore the prompts further. Oh, and one more thing. This should go without saying, but be honest. Most importantly, take your time. This isn't a test or a race. It's simply about awareness.

  1. Do you believe that you're lovable?

  2. Do you believe that you control the circumstances in your life?

  3. Do you use the power of discernment when making decisions?

  4. Do you make choices that are in alignment with you and your core beliefs?

  5. Do you let your emotions dictate your next steps?

  6. Do you feel that you have a high sense of self-worth?

  7. Would you say that you act from a place of integrity?

  8. Do you trust your instincts and inner voice?

  9. How easily do you allow yourself to sit and wait before making a final decision?

  10. Is it important that you're always right?

Some answers may be easier than others, and some may need more time. There are no right or wrong answers, there is simply what's true. It's easy to create a story to bring the illusion that you're safe and protected, and often what happens is that you don't even realize that you're still telling that story. When you know your truth, you resonate integrity. Even if it's painful, just that awareness alone will help you to strengthen your resiliency.

Resilience isn't about forming a hard exterior or making yourself emotionally unavailable. In fact understanding your resiliency can add greatly to developing stronger and healthier boundaries. When you trust, you raise your self-worth and value, strengthen your self-empowerment, and stand in your sovereignty.

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