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Let's Co_Create Together!

Dive Deeper Into Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Are you ready to unlock your fullest potential, overcome challenges, and create a life of ease that aligns with your vision and aspirations? I am dedicated to guiding you through a highly transformative journey to your most authentic self.

Ways To Work With Me

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Personalized 1:1

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Embodied Edge Group

7 Week group program To Unlock Your True Potential, Shed Fear of Judgment, and Embrace Your Authentic Self.

Break free from the chains of fear and self-doubt that hold you back from expressing your true self. Allow this transformative experience to empower you to stop seeking permission and approval from others in the hopes of avoiding criticism or getting hurt.

Discover the freedom from overthinking what you're going to say, how you're going to say it, and the millions of conversations taking place inside your head. Give yourself the resounding F*CK YES to pursue the empowered life that is available and pursuing you.


  • Six 60-min Weekly Live Trainings

  • One Week for Integration and Q&A

  • Weekly Inspiration

  • Slay & Play Prompts and Guidebook

  • Embodied Edgewalkers Private FB Group


Emboldened You 1:1

I strive to create a safe and comfortable space for you to explore your inner world, where you can gain the courage and confidence you need to make changes and move forward with ease.

Working with me is an intuitive, channeled, highly focused experience.

There is no done-for-you formula or handbook. Your energy guides the session. When you sync your conscious and subconscious with your Higher Self, you align with your vision and intentions. This creates the ease and flow that makes you magnetic! 


How you show up is how you navigate all areas of your life, so it's highly likely that what you shift in your life will affect your business, relationships, and the relationship with yourself.

Book an application call today and we will decide whether we want to work together, and create a program that aligns you to the highest, most authentic expression of YOU.

You have the option to work with me for six months, or for a deeper, highly immersive experience you have the option to work with me for one year.

Emboldened You.png


An inner circle membership portal for the emerging and rising visionary entrepreneurs, healers, and sacred wisdom leaders who want to make meaningful impact in the world and unlock their true purpose by rediscovering self-belief, confidence, and living an expansive, authentic life.

THE BE YOU FREQUENCY is the answer to embracing and expanding your authentic self with confidence and courage. Immerse yourself in this innovative space where together we will embody and align to who we came here to be.


  • Monthly Live Training + Monthly Live Q&A

  • Themed prompts/worksheet or creative activity depending on monthly theme

  • Easeful energetic attunements, healing embodiment practices, inspiration, + connection

  • Enlightened Community

  • Quarterly Events

PRICE: $33/month

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The Academy for Spirit-led Women, Visionaries, Healers, and Rising New Earth Wisdom Leaders who want to explore and integrate their emerging spiritual and psychic gifts into their business.

Gain clarity and confidence in embodying your spiritual and psychic gifts so you can integrate them into your daily life and expand your intuitive, innovative business.

Become a clear channel for the higher frequencies and realms of New Earth. Let your soul-led mission EMERGE.

Enrollment is now open for this innovative academy and soul sister community.

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Seeking a shorter commitment to work together?

Illumination Intensive (2-hrs)

You are a heart and soul led entrepreneur, healer, visionary, wisdom leader.


Your Vision is important, it keeps you up at night, and runs soul-deep. You’re juggling passion projects, have notebooks full of ideas, and your inner creatrix is aching to share her wisdom and gifts with the world.


The Void is staring you in the face and keeping you shrouded in self-doubt, imposter syndrome, paralyzing fear of being judged, and emotional unease. You’re spending too much time overthinking, rehashing old, worn-out stories, feeling insecure in your body, and finding it difficult to take any kind of action, no matter how small.


You are in the right place! I can help illuminate what you need to break free from the void and get realigned with your Higher Self so you can take inspired action on your soul vision. 


Here’s what to expect when you invest in my Illumination Intensive:


2-hour session on Zoom

  • We’ll meet for 2 hours in the alignment field to disrupt your patterns of resistance and help you get anchored back into your sense of purpose.

  • Recorded session for your convenience and reference.


30 days of Signal to reach out after our call(invaluable resource)

  • You will have access to me for 30 days after our session on Signal (generally reserved only for my 1:1 clients). Use this access to send me messages, when you feel stuck, or need to ask questions for more clarity.

  • Game Changer resource!


Bonus# 1: Rays of Light Reading($65 value)

  • Receive additional guidance and mission-led illumination directly from your Higher Self


Bonus# 2: Free Pass for 2 months in my Membership Portal ($110 value)

  • Immerse yourself for two months in The Be You Frequency Membership Portal to embody your truth, anchor into your purpose, and align with your Higher Self.


Total Cost = $297

Not certain which service or program is right for you?

Book a Consultation Call

Book a free 15-minute Consultation Call and we can discuss over Zoom.

Send a DM on Instagram

Send a DM to @authenticaligned and we can chat about next steps.


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