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"I am here to speak my authentic truth. My words hold value."

What shall we create together?

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Activate Your Light Frequency
3 month journey


ACTIVATE your Light Body Frequency

In this three month journey, you'll awaken, activate, and authenticate your light body frequency so you can embody your higher potential.

What you'll take away from our time together:


~Awaken your hands of light, chakras, meridians, and entire life-force energy.

~Clear and begin to heal stagnant energies with the unique light codes designed just for you.

~Learn to shift with ease from three dimensional living to five dimensional living using my 14-Point Activation.

~Strengthen into your inner trust, heart, and intuitive intelligence.

~Learn how to decipher the signs and symbols that are showing up for you.

~Begin to incorporate your energetic imprints into your spiritual, life, and sacred business.


~Ways to support and maintain your energetic light body.

Your Light Body Frequency package with me includes:

~One deep dive intensive of your energy imprints via Zoom

~Five total sessions of 60-75 minutes - sessions held twice a month via Zoom

~One Holy Fire® Reiki healing session

~One Shakti activation session

~Personalized intuitive readings, bespoke guidance, lunar and seasonal healing modalities

~Membership in my community

~Heartfelt support through text and email


$500 Pay in Full


Three payments of $200

Click below to set up a Clarity Call with me to see if this is right for you

The Frequency Of You
1:1 Authentic Embodiment 7 month journey


Activate your Resonance, Resilience, and Radiance 1:1 Private Mentorship

from my The Frequency of You™ Framework

In my popular seven month frequency framework journey, you'll move through my highly effective three-point framework, in a way that is personalized and bespoke to you, to help you gain clarity so you have a solid foundation of your authentic truth, direction with the courage to move forward into uncharted territory from your heart, and from an awakened, renewed presence with a clear vision of full frequency self

Point One: Clarity through your RESONANCE

We'll start with a deep dive into your energetic imprints, chakras, elements, and other areas to help you learn energetic mastery and how to embody your authentic self to better decipher the hidden messages you have always carried.

Point Two: Direction through your RESILIENCE

We'll pinpoint areas that keep you in old patterns and beliefs, and identify the origin of what keeps you in your way. This requires leaving the beaten path and tapping into the courage you've been tasked with in this lifetime. Great truths are often opened here, a transitional time of death of what doesn't serve you. Healing and sacred practices will help you to learn how to receive, let go of the over-giving cycle, and begin to hold space for yourself.

Point Three: Presence through your unique RADIANCE

Having passed through the death portal and into the rebirth process, you'll be awakened to your inner Shakti and find that you have more vitality, self-reliance. This is a time when your natural creator abilities and self-leadership expand and evolve.

What you'll take away from our time together:


~Learn how to lovingly embrace and embody your authentic self through the unveiling of your full frequency archetype.

~Clear stagnant energies and past shaming so you can bask in your worthiness.

~Bring more simplicity into your days through an elevated life-force energy.

~Silence the self-critic and negative mind chatter to cultivate harmony through self-love and confidence practices.

~Honor your soul's calling in a way you may have forgotten or have never done as you deepen into trust and self-appreciation.

~Learn how to tone and strengthen your voice.

~Spark hidden creativity and vitality to expand into limitlessness.

~Learn sacred practices that will ground you into your authentic essence.

~Create your Frequency WAVE™ map to open the portal of your divine healing gifts.

~Deepen into your spiritual practice, life leadership, and sacred business.



It's time to give yourself the permission to move through this world as the enriched, embodied, and emboldened leader you are. It's time to reclaim, own, and honor the authentic and aligned frequency of YOU!

Your Embodiment package with me includes:

~One deep dive intensive of your energy imprints via Zoom

~Thirteen total sessions of 60-75 minutes - sessions are held twice a month via Zoom

~One Holy Fire® Reiki activation session

~Two Shakti light code activations

~Free membership in my community

~Heartfelt support through text, email, and a private client portal

~Personalized intuitive readings, resonance practices, and seasonal healing modalities

~A welcome gift

~One 60-minute Follow Up Session after four weeks.

Click below to set up a Clarity Call with me to see if this is right for you

"Nancy has such great energy. She has really impacted my life and my development." ~ Cheryl Lee, Now Is Your Time


You may like to join my community where you can get to know me.

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The Process


Set up a Clarity Call with me


We'll connect to see if we fit


If aligned, the new path begins

"She highlighted areas that I could create even more success in my life, by working on my energy type." ~Fiona Drake


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