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believe in your brilliance

Your 90-day framework to say goodbye to worry, ditch doubt, and raise the bar on self-trust, so you can have more time and energy for bringing your brilliance into the world.

Are you ready to elevate your Self-Belief?

Self-belief is the basis of a meaningful, rewarding personal and professional life. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you ask someone else to? Clients will show up when you believe in YOU.


If you’ve been comparing yourself and your results to other coaches, healers, or entrepreneurs wondering why you’re not creating the outcomes you want, I’m here to help!

Even seasoned coaches find themselves comparing, worrying that they aren’t good enough, or feeling like they have so much to fix before they can ever grow the business and become the kind of business owner they’d like to be, and enjoy the life they desire doing their passion work.

That’s where I come in…

Imagine if...


You believed in yourself so much that you had unshakeable trust. You'd let go of the worry, uncertainty, and doubt. You wouldn't be consumed with outcomes and the need to control situations because you'd know that what's meant for you will be yours. Inner trust is a time saver because you won't keep hitting those doubt and uncertainty walls, and you won't get caught up in self-sabotage.

Self-belief puts a cork on insecurities so you stay in forward momentum flowing with opportunities and possibilities, rather than riding emotional waves or tumbling down the rabbit hole for days on end.


When you believe in yourself better, when you believe in your brilliance, you're going to live in a way that is joyful, meaningful, energizing, and intentional.

When you believe in yourself, you can get out of your way and live in your full potential.

Ready to raise the bar on your current belief system?

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Hi I'm Nancy!

I'm the founder and guide behind Authentic and Aligned. I support women (and some men) who are living out of sync in their personal and professional lives reconnect to who they are so they can show up with integrity, confidence, and revitalized energy to better help make change in others and the world.


My gifts as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant are expertly paired with my knowledge of quantum physics, energetic mastery, highly transformational work, and spirituality.

Nancy Jackson

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Open up the doors of opportunities



This is my 90-day framework for coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs to say goodbye to worry, ditch doubt, and raise the bar on self-trust, so you can have more time and energy for bringing your brilliance into the world.

You’ll gain breakthrough insight around old patterns and conditioned thinking, free yourself from projections of others, drop comparison, and release the belief that you’re not enough or you need so much fixing you don't know where to begin.

These are the limiting beliefs, patterns, and paralyzing fears that keep you from signing clients, raising your prices, showing up and being visible or even being able to put yourself out there in a bigger way.

These subconscious beliefs keep your authentic brilliance dimmed and not able to truly shine.

I am here to show you that YOU have everything you need to show up in the world and showcase your brilliance.



You'll gain CLARITY on how turn up your self-empowerment dial from doubt and uncertainty so you can elevate the current identity of yourself and your business to attract those in need of your services.


Compass Pointing North

You'll get DIRECTION on how to detach from false identities, deep-belief blocks, and patterns to get out of your way so you can share your unique voice, story, and authentic signature with ease.


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You'll access your higher calling, let go of comparing yourself to others, and step into conscious leadership with courage and radiant CONFIDENCE and sync with your authentic abundance.

Does any of this sound like you?

Do you feel frustrated from wearing the themes of overgiver, overdoer, and people pleaser like badges of honor?


Do you stay very busy and "on" yet at the end of the day you are exhausted and unfulfilled?

Do you lose days, sometimes weeks in a downward spiral because of self-sabotage or uncertainty?

Do you put yourself last, and even if you could make time for yourself you'd find an excuse not to?

Do you want to take back your personal power, elevate your self-trust, devote more time to your expertise, and create a life you love?


If so, you'll want to enroll in my Believe In Your Brilliance 90-day program!

Raise the bar by believing in yourself!

You’ll gain breakthrough insight around old patterns and conditioned thinking, free yourself from projections of others, drop comparison, and release the belief that you’re not enough or you need so much fixing you don't know where to begin. You have everything you need to show up in the world and showcase your brilliance. (Except maybe trust)

You'll come away with radical acceptance into your enoughness and to be unapologetically you through renewed positivity, self-worth, and inner fulfillment so you no longer need to hide your gifts, skills, and wisdom.

You'll be able to eliminate guilt around making yourself a priority through simple shifts, so not only will others see you, you'll see yourself in a brand new light.


Polly bagley
follow your sunshine

Powerhouse Polly stopped trying to control outcomes and started trusting in herself. Her business continues to grow and be successful.


Rebecca Cross
Pulse on Prosperity

By learning to trust herself, Rebecca let go of worry and doubt, which kept her in a limited mindset, and has scaled her business AND started a social enterprise.


Heather McKnight
University Professor

After staying stuck in old beliefs and patterns, Heather was able to free up more time and energy so she could make herself a priority and trust her inner voice.

Ready to believe?

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In this 90-day container, you'll receive:

  •         1:1 biweekly 75 minute sessions via Zoom

  •         90-days of unlimited email and voice support and accountability

  •         A Safe Space to explore what is emerging for you

  •        All sessions are recorded for you to refer back to anytime

If you’re ready to move beyond self-doubt, worry, anxiety, and fear of showing up, and ditch your untrue stories, limited subconscious beliefs, and stagnant patterns, so you can easily share your message to the world instead of hiding, clearly state your prices with confidence, and unapologetically call in your brilliance…

Then I'm ready to hold space for your authentic transformation!


⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who are tired of the same limiting stories that run on a constant loop in their subconscious and are ready to elevate their mental clarity so they can tap into their Higher Self.

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who are ready to live more intentionally so they can manifest their big business dreams into reality and create authentic abundance.

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who want to feel confident when making decisions, no longer stand in their way, and start taking effective and aligned action in their business.

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who are ready to live unapologetically with renewed positivity, self-worth, and inner fulfillment so they can showcase their much needed gifts, skills, and wisdom.

Who this is not for:

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who aren’t ready for an ALL IN transformational change.

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who are looking for a fast fix (I’m not here to fix you).

⭐Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who aren’t willing to apply new ways of doing and being.

believe in your brilliance!

Ready to go ALL IN?

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BONUS #1 - Illumination Intensive ($1500 value):

In this 90-minute session we’ll illuminate your Authentic Frequency Codes™ that pairs my clairvoyant insight with numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Akashic Records to unlock your gifts and deeply connect with your purpose.


You’ll receive a beautiful personalized PDF of your Authentic Frequency Codes™ to reference anytime.

BONUS #3 - Rays of Light: ($750 value):

In this 90-minute highly intuitive and channeled 7-month overview reading you’ll get insight around what energies are most supporting you and your ascension. You’ll also receive a personalized PDF summary containing level-up strategies and three 30-minute motivational Stay Lit follow-up sessions.

***SPECIAL MAY BONUS - Luxe Frequency ($800 value):

Enroll with me in May and receive a specialized 90-minute call where we’ll do an energetic cleansing and makeover to luxe up any low end vibrations that are disrupting your magnetism to what you want to call in. Come away feeling expansive and luxurious. You’re here to shine like the brilliant diamond that you are. You’ll also receive customized practices to keep your energy light and clear.


Get back your time and energy to design a life you love.

What can I expect from this 90-day program?

Insight, awareness, shifts in perspective, client care and support. New approaches to old patterns and beliefs. A greater understanding of how to spend your energy wisely and as a catalyst for co-creating. Renewed heart/mind peace.

Can this program be shorter, I'm very busy.

An important aspect of my coaching is that I'm here to help provide you with solutions and results, and not just have you consume material and get right back to old ways. Integration is essential to make sustainable transformation. Shifting habits and patterns takes time. As to being busy, if you want different you need to be willing to be/do different. Be devoted to you!

Can you guarantee results?

My clients let me know just how much these changes have impacted their lives. Not only do I love my program, I've personally integrated all of the teachings (I'm always a student first, teacher second), and besides, I know you'll love it. You'll get out of the program what you put into the program. To live on purpose means to show up with purpose. Do this for you. You're worth it!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, I love payment plans! Click below to schedule a free Belief Breakthrough Call to discover next steps to believe in yourself better.

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If you desire to...

If you desire to...

Feel confident when you make a decision

Trust your initial response

No longer be the one standing in your way

Make yourself more of a priority

Let go of old stories

Start living aligned to your purpose

Pioneer your dreams, goals, and vision from a solid foundation

Then Believe In Your Brilliance is for you.

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Believe in your brilliance

Your 90-day framework to raise the bar on self-trust and get out of your way so you can reclaim your time and energy to devote to your purpose.

Authentic and Aligned © 2023
Nancy Jackson

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