Spiritual Recalibration Sessions w/ Nancy

This session is for you if you've felt starved for spirituality and are seeking guidance to reconnect to yourself and the world around you in a safe and supported way.

Signs of being starved for spirituality:

Feeling disconnected from yourself

Feeling disconnected from the world

Questioning your place in the universe

Spiritually restless

Craving connection 

Seeking meaning, harmony, and purpose

Feeling a loss of hope

Inspired to pursue other paths

Areas we'll cover during our session together:

Ways to help you discover your personal spirituality 

How to support your spiritual growth

Spiritual protection

Raising your vibration through spiritual practice

Rituals and routines to connect you to your heart

An awakening to the reality of your soul

Incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices

Intuitive guidance through oracle card readings


As we go through our lives and start to seek a bigger truth, it can become a lonely and disconnected time. It doesn't need to be. There are many forms of spirituality, and no right or wrong way to be spiritual. All forms of spirituality can be comfortably discussed together including environmental spirituality, angels and archangels, the great spirit, spirit animals, pagan, shaman, and more. 

Always know that you are in a safe and sacred space during our sessions.

60 minute session


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