Path of Purpose

In your quest to seek your path of truth, you must believe that you're the one most qualified to lead the way.

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Clarity                                                 Direction                                             Presence

Realign your physical presence with your soul essence

When you listen to your soul's voice, you learn what no one else can teach you. It's a journey that isn't meant to be rushed or skipped around. You cannot do it wrong. There are NO secrets. If you take the time to pause and listen, you won't miss a thing. 

It's the most beautiful, satisfying, enlightening, tumultuous, frightening, unique, compassionate, and loving journey you'll ever experience. 

After almost 40 years on my soul journey, I still learn something new every single day.


Sometimes it's just the getting started part that can seem daunting. Sometimes you can be on a journey but rush the process or simply not trust or apply what you learn rather than let it unfold in its own divine timing.


Whether you're first starting out or you are in need of getting realigned from a stalled or disjointed journey, this will work for you.

Gift yourself the time to be fully interconnected through a purpose-led, soulfully balanced, authentic whole-life. 


a solid foundation rooted in trust, patience, and sovereignty


to the gifts, inner wisdom, and intuitive intellect you've always carried within


back to center to recover and honor your inner power and embrace your divine purpose


to the flow cycles of the moon, cosmos, nature, seasons, elements, to live in your authentic integrity

What You Can Expect:

  • 60 min Deep Dive Session to outline your personalized journey

  • 60-75 min 1:1 sessions x 7

  • Intuitive guidance regardless of where you are on your journey

  • Introspective journal prompts

  • Personalized rituals, practices, insight, and guidebooks

  • Unlimited support, accountability, and check-ins

  • Choice of weekly or bimonthly sessions - whichever is more convenient for you

  • 45 min Personalized Healing Sessions x 3

Set up a call below if you're open to this type of coaching

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