Lead From Your Frequency™

One year immersion combining my three programs Resonance, Resilience, and Radiance for emerging and established coaches looking to energetically align or realign their business aspirations with their life's mission and lead from their authentic frequency.

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Resonance                                               Resilience                                        Radiance


To create a solid foundation in your business that you can grow from, you want to be clear in the direction you plan to take your clientele. Is your aspiration aligned with your mission? This is one of the areas that we will cover in my flagship offering Resonance.

Beyond the back-end, systems, and details of your business, there's you and the platform you're creating. If your foundation isn't solid, if you aren't solid in your purpose, the execution won't create the stability and security you want. Understand your purpose, believe in your why, and you have the tools to architect the meaningful business you've been dreaming about.

During our 8-weeks together, you'll be able to create a strong concept around how your transformation process looks like and draw from your skills, gifts, and natural abilities that are uniquely yours. To fully understand your client's story, you want to identify yours. You'll be amazed at how similar they are.


You'll gain valuable tools in how to connect your mindset, energy, intuition, and heart to create a holistic experience with focus on positive change rather than pain points.

When you have clarity around your values and a solid foundation in place, you can confidently move forward and build magnetic relationships and connections from trust.

Resonance is about going deeper into the authentic frequency from which you work, and the alignment of your aspiration and purpose. When you have a strong base, when you are aligned, your resonance will call in what you want.



Resilience is the next step after you've completed Resonance.

With a strong foundation in place, it's essential to strengthen your resilience to get and stay out of your own way. As you call in your Gold Aligned clients and grow your business this is a time when confidence can fade. To stay in full attraction mode, you'll bust through old myths and stories that surface in an attempt to stall your progress.

Now more than ever you'll want to cement in those personal and professional boundaries, be aware of repeating patterns, and banish limiting beliefs.

You'll learn how to develop unshakeable trust by dialing up your intuitive intelligence while mastering energy reading.

You'll gain traction in your business without losing sight of where you're headed or compromising your energy.

Resilience is about adding on the layers of keeping your business fun, your confidence intact, and honoring your self-value and self-worth. With a strong core, you will thrive heart-centered and soul-led.

$899 after completion of Resonance


Radiance rounds out a year's worth of support and authentic business building by fine-tuning all that has been incorporated and placing added emphasis on your self-expression, authentic voice, and empowered essence.

You'll uncover hidden talents and up-level in your energy and mindset, and have all the tools and resources needed to Lead From Your Frequency™.

Radiance is about true energetic embodiment, integrity, and showcasing yourself as an expert. You'll grow your support team and continue working towards your highest potential. This is a time to consider how you want your business to give back and help the planet.

$899 after completion of Resilience

Lead With Your Frequency
Full Year Immersion

  • 60 minute Deep Dive Session to outline your journey

  • 60-75 min 1:1 sessions x 24

  • Empowering shifts and solutions

  • Tools and resources that are unique to your energetic blueprint

  • Creating your authentic abundance through impactful mindset and energetics

  • Breakthrough FLIP sessions and tips to stay motivated

  • Identifying boundaries so you don't over-promise beyond your energy

  • How to create expansion so you don't box yourself in

  • Unlimited support, accountability, and check-ins

  • Twice monthly sessions

  • Bonus WAVE™ training

  • Everything in the Resonance, Resilience, and Radiance packages + discount

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