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I work with women who are ready for Spiritual Realignment to lead and live an empowered, liberated, authentic whole-being life.

"The Energy In Me Honors the Energy In You"


I feel truly blessed that I began my spiritual journey at an early age. Other than a few treasured books, I learned the most from listening, going where I was guided, and from nature. It allowed me to take things one step at a time, one day at a time, at my own pace.


When you listen to your soul's voice, you learn what no one else can teach you. It's a journey that isn't meant to be rushed or skipped around. You cannot do it wrong. There are NO secrets. If you take the time to pause and listen, you won't miss a thing. 

It's the most beautiful, satisfying, enlightening, tumultuous, frightening, unique, compassionate, and loving journey you'll ever experience. 

After almost 40 years on my spiritual journey, I still learn something new every single day.


Sometimes it's just the getting started part that can seem daunting. Sometimes you can be on a journey but rush the process or simply not trust or apply what you learn rather than let it unfold in its own divine timing.


Whether you're first starting out or you are in need of getting realigned from a stalled or disjointed journey, I can help.

Gift yourself the time to be fully interconnected through a purpose-led, spiritually balanced, authentic whole-life. 

As Your Spiritual Realignment Mentor, I'll guide you on your journey to...

  • Embrace your soul's calling in a sacred and held space 

  • Cultivate a solid foundation from which you can authentically grow from

  • Reconnect to your gifts, inner wisdom, intuition intellect, and purpose

  • Recalibrate back to center when needed to better honor your personal rhythm of ascension

  • Awaken your Higher Self frequency to live from a place of unshakeable trust and love

  • Align to the flow cycles of the moon, cosmos, nature, seasons, elements, to live in your authentic integrity

Through this Spiritual Realignment Journey we will awaken your soul's voice.

What you can expect during our time together:

One deep-dive session to map out your personalized journey

Intensive and intuitive coaching calls 

Energy insight and healing journeys

Personalized rituals, practices, and guidebooks

High touch guidance and check-ins

Innovative and creative exercises