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Are you ready to emerge as the living embodiment of your authentic soul vision? 


You need unquestionable trust in your innate abilities to live your life with aligned, brave dedication

Imagine gaining the insights, tools, healing, and community to confidently open your wisdom channel so you can share your unique magic and medicine with the world.

If you've been hearing the call and a deep inner pull to explore your spiritual gifts, or are unsure what to do with the downloads coming through, or you're aware of your gifts but are over-intellectualizing to the point of dismissing your gifts altogether, this high-touch mentorship is your gateway to heightened trust so you can bravely claim your magic and share it with the world.


Join me in this integrative experience that combines guidance on spiritual growth with your spiritual and psychic gifts, while creating new authentic soul sister connections, and healing. Let's open channels to deeply connect your intuitive intelligence and healing gifts, together.

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You´ve landed here for a reason..

These are some of the desires spirit-led women, soulpreneurs, healers, and New Earth wisdom leaders seek to create deep, meaningful impact in others and in the emerging new world.

Is This You?

The spirit-led path is calling to you because you’re part of a greater and more expansive plan.

Because you’re here to envision and co-create a collective awakening and evolution.

Because you’re driven by a deeper sense of purpose and devotion, to bring back the sacredness of life that has gotten lost in noise and frantic hustle.

Because you want to strengthen your connection to the divine and honor your soul’s calling.

Because you want to commit to your unique life journey where your inner light is your true compass.

Because you’re ready to release the past, awaken to your inner truth, and say YES to a life of love, peace, and unwavering authenticity.


My goal is to help you rise into your truth!

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Clarity + Confidence Gain clarity on how to integrate your spiritual practices, rituals, gifts, and psychic abilities into your daily life.

Self Validation + Support! Feel safe in a space where you can openly discuss and explore your gifts without fear of being judged, criticized, or made to feel weird.

Healing + Harmony! Heal timelines and limiting beliefs carried over from those past lifetimes that hold you back from fully owning your gifts so you can contribute to the healing of others and the world.

Personal Empowerment + Growth! Stand in your power and grow not just spiritually, but emotionally and intuitively, becoming more self-aware and conscious of how to safely manage your spiritual gifts.

Creative Exploration + Expression! Find fulfilling ways to channel your spiritual energy and insights into creative projects as a soulful leader in your field.

Connection + Collaboration! Connect, collaborate, learn from, and uplift like-minded women ready to bring us all into the new earth golden age!

More of this...


EMERGENCE. 12 months to confidently open your authentic divine connection

Imagine confidently speaking and sharing your unique, intuitive gifts and wisdom to friends and clients without questioning yourself. Imagine creating your own modalities and creative ways of bringing your magic into the world.

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This training isn’t about consuming or fast-tracking; it’s about integrating, devotion, embodiment, and bringing the sacredness back into life.

To learn and apply the knowledge so you can honor your authentic integrity.

Don’t dismiss what's calling to you. Join now and let’s create magic together!

Your Emergence Begins 2/22
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I´m Nancy, and I'm dedicated to helping you reawaken your true self

My zone of genius lies in helping visionary entrepreneurs, healers, lightworkers, and wisdom leaders reach their full potential through easing fears, healing timelines that keep them stuck and in their way, and owning their soul-driven mission.

Whether you´re grappling with procrastination, battling self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or simply lacking the trust in your inner authority and enlightened empowerment, take a moment to consider what you most desire to accomplish and how much you could expand if you simply believed in your magic, your brilliance, your personal truth.

Now, envision the boundless potential that awaits when absolutely nothing is holding you back and hindering your growth.


Once I owned my intuitive gifts and psychic powers, my life, business, and confidence expanded. When I stopped dismissing my authentic truth and aligned with my beliefs, my Higher Self, and the Divine, there was no looking back. Now my passion lies in helping women like you to unapologetically embrace and live your authentic truth.


Are you prepared to experience high-touch, high-level guidance on your path to emerging as the living embodiment of your authentic soul's vision?


"Nancy has helped me work from my Visionary gifts and helped me reach a level of confidence and courage I never knew was in me. I am moving forward to continue to do the work I have set out to do."

REBECCA CROSS - Pulse on Prosperity

I´m not sure Emergence is for me


You´re ready to explore your gifts

You´re done with reading all the books, taking all the courses, and following false paths. You're ready to tune into your own inner rhythm

You long to honor your soul's calling

You're no longer willing to hide and areready to share your message, voice, gifts, and wisdom with the world

You´re ready to connect to your truth

You're ready to heal and grow and become the person you were meant to be in this lifetime and leave behind a legacy

You´re ready to expand your potential

You are ready to answer your soul's calling. You know that YOU are the greatest innervestment there is.


You want a quick fix

Spirituality is about slowing down, integrating, and an unfolding of new beliefs and healing, this isn't for you if you live the hustle lifestyle

You don´t really have the time

You'll get out of this academy what you put into it. When you believe you're worth the time and energy, you'll find it

You're afraid of being judged

Until you choose your personal truth over what other's think, you will stay where you are, and you, enlightened soul, are here to rise

Fear of change

You are here to be a catalyst for change and you've been blessed with greatness - the world can't wait for your emergence

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I´m so glad you asked, let´s break it down...

Imagine a space you can feel held, seen, and safe in to explore, discover, deepen into, and expand your wisdom channels. Where you can learn to integrate your gifts into your life and business in a way that is practical, sacred, and aligned with your personal truth.

Emergence was created for you. It's not about my way or the way - I am simply a vessel here to guide you to unveil YOUR WAY!!

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Monthly masterclasses and sacred play explorations covering various spiritual topics and modalities

Energetic and emotional healing, nourishment, and support through shadow work, witch wounds, mindset, and old patterns that you carry from past timelines

Embodied practices and alchemy rituals to help you anchor, align, aspire, and ascend in a way that syncs with where you are on your path

Sacred space holding so you can safely explore and open your wisdom channels without judgment or criticism

Access to a heart-centered community of like-minded soul sisters here to rise up with you, and who you can co-create/co-collaborate with

Q&A, masterminding, integration time, ceremonies, and and sacred circles to help you stay inspired and devoted to your authentic path

I need this!

Learning to be a pure, open Channel

The foundation of being a pure, open channel begins with how you treat and respect your energy, the energy around you, and of others. Learn the importance of grounding deeply into your truth. Before you can ascend, you first need to anchor. The deeper you ground, the easier it is to open into the higher and angelic realms. Discover how to care for and purify your energy in your life and business.

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Energy Hygiene
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Authentic Alignment

Find harmony within yourself, aligning your mind, body, and spirit with your core beliefs, values, and the many energies all around you. Learn how to sync your personal truth with the divine. Discover gifts that remain hidden and strengthen the ones you've opened up.

Energetic Healing

Reclaim new levels of personal power and continue to create a life and/or business from that energy through healing of timelines, witch and sister wounds, shadow illumination, identity and perception shifts, and embodiment practices. You'll learn how to create mind/heart peace so you can tune into your heart and quiet the dictator mind.

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Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Personal Journey and Emotions

The importance of slowing down and allowing yourself to tend, devote, and listen to your inner knowing. We'll move through themes of isolation, feeling unseen, as if no one understands you or your experiences. Knowing you aren't alone in this deep, personal journey is priceless.

Permission to Play

It's time to ditch perfection. There's a beautiful playground of modalities and ways to unleash your magic. If you haven't let yourself try things or have been worried about being judged, know that you won't experience that here. I'll encourage you to imagine, dream, get curious, tinker with, and feel into different modalities. Your inner child remembers the thrill of magic - so it's time to set up a playdate with her!

Image by Magic Bowls
Sacred Play
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Inner Creatrix

You are the vision

As you've healed, anchored, aligned, played, and grown, it's time to let your inner creatrix out to bring your soul mission and gifts together. As a channel for the divine, it's time to believe in your brilliance and let your magic shine in the world with confidence and ease.


Join early to get the bonus bundle
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Bonus No 1

60 minute zoom connection call with me to deep dive your specific needs

(value $500)

Through discussion, intuitive channeling, oracle reading, and various modalities, I will help illuminate what you need to break free from the void and get realigned with your Higher Self so you can take inspired action towards your soul purpose.

Bonus No 2

Personalized WAVE session with me

(value $300)

Demystify the gifts and talents that are hidden from you so you can get aligned to what already vibrationally exists within you.

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Enroll now to get started


Enroll today so you can confidently emerge your gifts into the world. Your Higher Self will thank you.











WHO IS THIS PROGRAM GEARED FOR? Spirit-led women, whether already on their path or just emerging, new earth wisdom leaders, soulpreneurs, visionary entrepreneurs, mediums, oracles, lightworkers, and healers.

IS THIS A LIVE PROGRAM? Yes! Consider this a space where you can emerge in a living entity with soul sisters who are emerging with you! This is a blend of learning, exploring, healing, aligning, and connecting on a deep level. The energy of women rising together is electric!

WHY IS THIS FOR A FULL YEAR? I started my spiritual journey at 12 and I'm now 51. As you deepen and ascend, there are new levels that open up where you get right back in your way. I am all about integration and application of learning, especially when it comes to spirituality and energy. We go through various cycles, seasons, and emotions as we unlearn and relearn. There is no hustle on a true spiritual journey. This academy is truly for those who value commitment to their spiritual and personal growth, want to create a deep foundation of trust, and create a true, lasting sisterhood.

DOES IT MATTER WHERE I AM ON MY PATH? No. This is a spiral journey of learning, unlearning, relearning as you move through various levels of your path. Once you have your foundation, you can always weave in new teachings. Your spiritual journey is infinite. This isn't about mastery, it's about your spiritual evolution.

Love from past clients

Polly Bagley Picture_edited.png

"Nancy helped me enhance my intuition which led to some incredible shifts taking place."


Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 07-11-23 Nancy Jackson Soul Purpose & Embodiment Mentor (_authent

"Nancy empowers women! She helped me to reach my goals and become the best version of myself."


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"It’s like she knows exactly what you need but leads you to find your own truth, and your own answers!"



Once you've spiritually awakened, there's no going back to sleep.
The world is ready for your Emergence and so are YOU!

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