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Your Why is an Empowerment Tool

Do you believe that in this moment, here today, that you can commit to a stronger you and a stronger why?

Unforeseen change has a way of masking all the things we know to be true in our hearts and in our souls. Our moods shift between positivity and negativity with every out breath. We downplay even the smallest steps forward because it wasn’t easy to make that step and another one seems overwhelming.

For most of us, that strength and resolve we held back in January and February is like a distant memory. We were aware of the winds of change but we still hadn’t felt the magnitude of its power.

It’s essential to draw on our tools of resourcefulness, creativity, resilience, solution finding, and inner fortitude. Though they seem rusty, a bit unfamiliar in our grasp, and maybe heavier than we expected, we have the tools and we’re just learning to use them again.

As powerless and weak as this setback may make us feel right now, we’re absolutely going to come back from it, and we will come back stronger. Fear can’t touch that core seed rooted within. It grows under any circumstances. It thrives even when you think there’s no way it can.

Remember who planted that seed. Remember why it was planted. Nothing and no one can uproot that seed without your permission. Those roots are the framework of the bigger dream to remind you of why you get up, show up, and step up into expecting, doing, and being more.

Believe in your magnificence that is waiting to bloom. You can recommit to a stronger you and a stronger why.

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