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You Can't Play Small When Your Energy is Expansive and Infinite

You know you weren't put here to play small. Your energy is wonderfully expansive and infinite.

As a child you didn't even realize the magnitude of energy that pulsed through you, but you knew there was something bigger than you fueling those little legs into action. You knew you were happiest running around outside, in the elements, and had no shortage of imagination or dreams.

You aren't here to play it safe, either. Remember when you felt unstoppable? When you thought you could easily be a dancer, a teacher, a firefighter, a race car driver, a pilot, and sing in a rock band? The energy of limitlessness kept you going and details or outcomes held little importance.

That same energy still moves through you, working hard to help you remember that the only limits you place on yourself come from your self-belief in what you're capable of.

In a world of distractions and noise, your voice, message, essence is very much needed. The energy in which you share your gifts, talents, skills, and wisdom is meant for these times. And the more you can shift that energy into a higher vibration and frequency, the more it heals the world, the collective, and most

Your frequency awakens what even words cannot. It heals, motivates, inspires, creates, builds, connects, and rejuvenates everything it comes into contact with. Remember, everything is energy.

When you bring awareness to someone else to help them shift their vibration, it ripples out into the world in ways we may never know. When the energy projected is positive, loving, kind, and compassionate not only do you receive it back but you help to heal your community, the world, and Mother Nature. Your energy is potent - no small thing - which is why you aren't here to play small.

It's yours to own. When you know that what you’re here to do is bigger than you, and you welcome the idea of making big shifts because you’re wildly curious to get a sneak peek into what that “bigger” has in store for you, then choose to show up in the highest expression of who you are.

Your essence is no small thing. The ever present frequency of love always surrounds you. Let that be your safety net.

Bring the energy that is uniquely yours.

Never apologize for the way you vibrate in this world.

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