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You Are More Than What You Produce

A common struggle among my clients is the belief that their value depends on what they produce.

It can become difficult to create a separation between work and life, especially when you have 24/7 access. The temptation to push through and to complete just one more task can easily outweigh making time for personal needs.

At the end of the day, there’s always more to be done, which equates to a lack of inner fulfillment or accomplishment of a good work day.

When you push hard enough, long enough, personal health seems like an unrewarding sacrifice to the possibility of another sale, another client, and another project. Why work on your own problems when you can just as easily tackle someone else’s issues?

I’ve been there. I can relate! I didn’t have a shut off switch. I bought into the myth that I must show up as something greater than myself, no matter the cost. My every thought, breath, and belief was tied into what I produced.

But my body forced me to come to a very hard stop due to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. It took me years to reclaim my health. Once I’d educated myself in every area of health and energy healing possible, applied it all, and healed myself, I began guiding others to live with more value, vitality, and intention.

I'm the last one to say it's easy, but it takes small steps forward each day to recognizing you’re more than what you produce.

One step forward is recognizing two important distinctions:

I am doing x, y, z

My business is doing x, y, z

We are more productive when we love and value ourselves enough to pause, breathe, recalibrate, and refuel.

You can't deprive and thrive.

Do you have a healthy stopping point in your work day?

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