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Why Understanding Moon Energy is Vital to Your Whole-Being

In an ever changing hustle and bustle world, it's essential to slow down the pace, tune in to the energies all around, and connect to the sacred gifts received from nature, the elements, and the cosmos.

Our Ancestors were some of the most amazing energy readers of our time, and they knew the way to live was by working in unity with the energies above, below, and all around, and to become one with its cyclical, natural rhythm.

The moon is a gentle reminder that we need to nurture and listen to our own life force energy, and honor our rhythm rather than fight it so we can live whole and aligned in spirit, body, and mind.

By following her ebb and flow, you awaken your divine feminine and sound your soul's call to live from your highest potential - your Higher Self.

Join me in an interactive experience where we journey together and embody all 8 phases of the moon from New Moon to New Moon, and then close the final week with a Moon Circle Celebration and Ceremony. I'm honored to be part of the S.A.R.A.H. Wisdom Series!

CLICK HERE for full details and how to register. We begin June 9th!

Ready to get your glow on?

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