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When Did You Last Update Your Energy Filter?

How often do you update your energy filter system?

The energy you put out into the world is your personal responsibility. And you're responsible for what you allow into your personal energy field.

You are the sole decider of where, who, and what you give away your power to. Sometimes you don't even know that you're giving it away.

Rather than let all your good energy go down the drain, create a filter system. Keep what adds value and ditch the rest.

Ways to clean and update your energy filter:

Take inventory:

~What energy sucking activities are you involved in?

~Who do you give your power to?

~Do you give in to people pleasing?

~Are you over-giving?

~Do the goal posts keep moving around your boundaries and values to make others happy?

~What do you tolerate?

~Are you involved in any toxic relationships?

~Is your motivation based around fear and unhealthy self-worth?

Take action:

~List people who you know drain your energy.

~Add any activities and obligations that you dislike but do anyway.

~Include any self-sabotaging as well

~Then circle ones that you can start to change today.

One small step forward can make all the difference. In order to make more permanent change, you first need to create a practice so it becomes a habit. It's through that practice you create a new shifts in both energy and mindset. Stick with it long enough and it will become second-nature.

No one else can preserve and protect your energy except you. Energy is a precious commodity and your most valuable asset. With a clean energy field you'll notice a change in vitality and vibration.

Fill your day with tasks and activities aligned with your goals to get out of your own way. When you find yourself reverting back to old patterns, take a breath, reset, and empty the filter.

A clean filter system keeps your energy in flow.


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