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What Frequency Do You Birth Your Dreams?

There's a beautiful magic to dreams. When birthed from a frequency of love and optimism, dreams know no boundaries. As they kiss the elements, soar through the sky, dance on the Earth, and float on the sea, the bits and particles of energy dust infuse all of life and all of spirit to join in to collaborate with you.

There’s no trick to keeping a dream alive. Hold the frequency and stay inspired through love and optimism. Those dream particles make up an infinite design of the future you wish to call in, a new reality of happiness which is infinite and always within reach.

When you feel as though your dreams aren’t coming true or you’re ready to give up on them, tune in to your frequency. Does it still match the frequency of the dream you created? As we grow and evolve, so does our vibration and frequencies.

If your frequency has changed to the tune of fear, doubt, and insecurity, it will echo those.

If the dream is still alive and well within you, simply send out another frequency and be open and ready to receive. Energy is always listening. Dream happy!

What frequency are you sending out today?

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