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Ways To Harmonize Yin And Yang Energies

In this Yin Year of the Rabbit, you may find you want to slow down, connect more to yourself and others, and naturally seek inner peace. This may look very different from the usual way you operate, especially if you have a tendency to operate in your more masculine energy, and yet there are very easy ways to harmonize your yin and yang energies.

Many of my clients come from a corporate background and adopted the energy of their environment. Either their coworkers were mostly men, or they watched as women coworkers had to work in a more masculine manner to be seen, heard, and taken seriously. While there have been some shifts in the business world, it doesn't mean that you automatically shift as well.

Once you've developed an addiction to that adrenaline rush or overtaxed your nervous system for a prolonged amount of time, you stay in that fight or flight mode and normalize pushing, controlling, and ignoring your body's signals.

In the Yang energy, you'll use up far more energy physically, and deplete far more energy. Yang energy often works from a place of fear and insecurity. Often stemming from not doing enough, not working hard enough, wanting to be the best, not wanting to be overlooked, over achievement, and worrying about lack and scarcity. What's missing are the cool, calm, and trusting aspects.

It’s difficult to manifest properly in the yang energy because of the lack of trust. This is a more chaotic energy where the drive is often all about checking off the to-do list and wondering why, after having completed everything, there’s still a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction. There’s a lot of chasing, pushing, bossing people around, and ignoring signals the body sends to take some personal time.

In a nutshell, masculine or yang energy is all about DOING.

On the other side is the Yin energy. When you draw from your yin energy, you actually cultivate energy, accumulate self-confidence and value rather than anxiety and stress, and attract what you want. This results in a greater ability to manifest. Yin energy is about inviting and creating the space internally to connect. There's no need for force or to push so hard. It's a cool calm, and an intuitive understanding that things come in time using the inner power of attraction and magnetism.

When you believe in yourself, you'll receive respect and appreciation for your wisdom and gifts, and the right individuals will be drawn to you. Being in the yin energy is about conscious awareness, existing in the now moment, being present. And celebrating the moments and being proud of your accomplishments before moving on to the next thing.

In a nutshell, feminine, or yin energy is all about BEING.

Take a look at the polarities of these two energies:

Ways that you can begin learning to harmonize your yin and yang energies:

First off, bring awareness around what energy you primarily work from, and ask yourself if it serves you to work in that energy. Sure, there are times when you need to call on yang energy and there are times when you need to draw from your yin energy.

Use the prompts below to help.

  • Assess what it is that you're wanting to accomplish. What's the goal or intention?

  • What's the motivation?

  • Think about the energy that you want to project. What energy do you want the other person to receive?

  • Which energy will best serve that purpose?

  • Are you open to flexibility and recalibrating?

  • Tune in to how your body is responding.

  • What is coming up for you?

  • How much pressure are you placing on the outcome?

  • Take inventory of your breath, pulse, and inner voice.

  • Where are you finding the most resistance, from your head or from your heart?

As I tell my clients who started out very resistant and are now enjoying more inner peace and vitality and less stress and anxiety, you have to make it a daily practice to be in that awareness. Finding that harmony will lead to more mind and heart peace, freedom, greater enjoyment around self-care and an increase in both self-love and worth. It's a yin year, so the energies around you are also supporting a more slowed down, calm way of being.

CLICK HERE for a quick read about this Yin Year Of The Rabbit.

And if you're interested in receiving support around igniting your resilience to have more harmony, consider my Frequency Of You Wave Experience.



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