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Ways to Embrace the Elements and Raise Your Vibration

We are blessed with the elements to reconnect with Mother Earth, our Ancestors, and ourselves. Without connection to the Earth and elements we live out of balance. Here are some easy ways to embrace the elements and raise your personal vibration.


1. Spend time by the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, any water areas

2. Do a shower meditation - picturing yourself under a waterfall that is cascading down around you. First imagine the water releasing any negative vibrations and then visualize the water infusing you with energy and strength

3. Set a bowl of salt water on your altar

4. Spend time in a hot spring, pool, jacuzzi

5. Mindfully wash your hands

6. Listen to the sound of rain or play rain sounds

7. Dance in the rain - especially under the moon!

8. Stay hydrated all throughout the day

9. Drink nourishing herbal teas

10. Take a steam bath or a spa-like bath with beautiful flower petals and your favorite essential oils


Ways to Connect to the Air Element

1. Spend time outside, be present in nature

2. Keep air circulating and from becoming stagnant in the home and car by opening the windows

3. Gift yourself with deep, cleansing breaths

4. Mindfulness practice or meditation daily

5. Kundalini or Vinyasa yoga

5. Diffuse essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, thyme, orange, or burn incense

6. Burn a cleansing candle or a sage smudge stick to remove stale energies. California White Sage is my favorite

7. Use an air purifier, especially if you're prone to allergies or have pets

8. Plants are also great as air purifiers

9. Movement such as aerobics, walking, low impact hiking, and earth walking, or other forms of exercise that circulate some air into your lungs

***Great plants to help with purifying include: Peace Lily, Rosemary, Orchids, Holy Basil, Chrysanthemums, Sage, Areca Palms, and English Ivy


Ways to Connect to the Fire Element

1. Light soy or beeswax candles

2. Light a fire in the fireplace or use an outdoor firepit

3. Burn blessing herbs such as sage, juniper, or pine, or light your favorite incense

4. Breathe deep into your belly and imagine

5. Wearing crystals such as citrine, honey calcite, tiger’s eye, amber, yellow jasper, and yellow jade which are all associated with the solar plexus

6. Using essential oils associated with the solar plexus such as lemon, fennel and juniper

7. Getting out into sunlight

8. Kundalini Yoga

9. Getting into a sauna


Ways to Connect to the Earth Element

1. Take nature walks – woods, beach, anywhere where you’re surrounded by nature

2. Walking meditation – really going within and feel your energy truly connecting with the energy of the elements around you. It’s done in a very mindful way.

3. Place your palms on tree trunks

4. Gardening or plant flowers/herbs around your home

5. Spend time walking around a nursery – check out plants you’ve never seen before

6. Touch leaves, grass, sand, soil, earth with your hands

7. Walk barefoot on the grass/ground

8. Speak to your plants, flowers, and herbs - they're aware of your energy

9. Physical exercise outdoors, biking, climbing, hiking, or go camping

10. Carry crystals with you

11. Make delicious plant based meals with lots of greens and fruits/veggies

12. Go berry picking for the best tasting berries

13. Go to your local farmer’s market and buy local, organic produce

14. Visit parks in your area and find out how you can get involved in the care of it

15. Lay on the ground and feel yourself become one with the earth

16. Wear crystals associated with Earth energy or the root chakra such as red jasper, bloodstone, jasper, hematite, ruby, agate, garnet, red obsidian, smoky quart, black tourmaline, and onyx

17. Use essential oils associated with Earth energy or the root chakra such as ginger, cypress, pine, sandalwood, and cedarwood

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