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Three Simple Ways To Embody Presence

With the heavy energies at play right now, it's important to ground into yourself, and I'm going to share three simple ways to embody presence to assist you.

Embodiment practices are effective for dropping out of your big think tank and into your beautiful heart center. When you're present, you anchor into your personal empowerment. From this space you're tapping into the only real moment that you have - the one that exists in the here and now. Your mind will not anchor you. It takes getting into your physical body. It takes presencing yourself as a whole-being, not separate.

Three Ways To Embody Presence include:

One way is to visualize a waterfall that begins in your headspace and gently flows along the sides of your face and pools into your heart center. You'll want to do this in a slow manner. At first your mind may try to divert you back to it - we all know the mind likes to be front and center. Continue visualizing the waterfall gently cascading down, cleansing and clearing all thoughts, gliding down your neck and chest, until it settles in your heart space. Feel your heart filled up with this cleansing, clearing, gentle water. From there you can breathe into a sense of stillness and peace.

A second way is to scan your energy body by placing your hands to your heart until you feel connected to your pulse, and then deepen by asking, "what message does my heart wish for me to know?" Allow for whatever is meant to come through with patience rather than expectancy. If you expect a specific answer, you know that you've moved back into your headspace and it will direct you away from your heart space. Find a slow, gentle rhythm of inhalation and exhalation while tuning in for a message. This may take several attempts and repeated daily practice, especially if it's brand new for you. Just let expectations go or what you think it "should" sound like. When you receive a message, let that message fill you up.

The third way is to integrate the message from your heart and repeat the word or words as a chant or mantra and say it aligned with the beat of your heart. If you received the message to anchor into peace or embody calmness, then turn that into a chant by repeating the words. Such as: I AM peace. I AM filled with peace. I AM bathed in calmness. I embody waves of calmness. Alternatively you can simply chant the word PEACE or the word CALM or both.

You can do each embodiment practice on its own or you can blend the three together beginning with the visualization, asking for a heart message, and then chanting the message. If you do the integration on its own, you can simply feel into what you most want to feel and create a chant or mantra from there.

Know that these are merely suggestions and that there's no right or wrong way to do it. Ultimately the best practices are the ones you create yourself or shift to fit your way and style. Anything you create will have far more meaning and healing.

Again, it's important that if you're just starting out to take it slow. Even spending two or three minutes is probably more than you've done in a long time. Release the self-critic and judgement, and give yourself permission to practice. You actually need to practice the art of practicing. And if you really find yourself resistant, simply breathe. Inhale for four counts, hold for three counts, exhale for five counts, and hold for three counts, then repeat.

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