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The Ripple of Energy

When I visualize energy, I see an empowering yet graceful dance. It can begin subtle such as a mere ripple in the water from a small stone, and yet it also has the potential to erupt into bold bursts of color and lights like that of fireworks. Everything is energy, and the more I understand how to align to all the energies around me, within me, below me, and above me, the more empowered I am to make good decisions, plan my week, and communicate with others from my highest self.

Throughout my life, I’ve been compelled to find a healthy and practical sense of alignment. We’re all gifted with a beautiful wisdom bowl in our early years, and we’re meant to add the continual wisdom that we inherit, learn, and discover with each passing year, the same way one would add spices, herbs, and knowledge of how things best pair together in a divine life recipe.

I’d spent most of my life with the pre-conditioned notion that somehow my personal value depended on what I produced. That I must somehow prove my self-worth and value to the world before I would be considered as good enough. As a woman I was led to believe that I must produce a well-balanced child, raise a very happy family, excel in a less-than job without wage complaints, and spend every waking moment ready for that picture perfect moment when someone deems me as a world class mom, wife, and citizen of the world.

I learned to navigate life without a shut off switch. I bought into the myth that I must show up as something greater than myself, no matter the cost to my health or mental wellness. After putting myself through this harsh illusionary reality, I stopped and re-evaluated what I wanted. I learned to love myself, flaws and all. I learned to trust what I put into my wisdom bowl.

I learned that I’m more than enough and that I don’t need to prove my right to exist to anyone. The only one who needs to believe in that worth is me. I learned that most importantly, I’m most productive when I love and value myself.

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