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Step Away From the Rabbit Hole

It's amazing how quickly we can escalate a fear or doubt. One minute we’re pumped, secure, confident, and feeling limitless. Then something goes a bit sideways and we’re pretty sure that things couldn’t get any worse.

When we’re sidelined it can cause a wave of emotions, panic, and reactionary responses. The more you let yourself stay in that thought cycle, the worse it gets. The more worry, concern, and stress you tack on, the more your energy plummets.

It’s important to pause and disrupt that cycle before it gets out of hand.


~Assess the situation.

~Ask questions:

  • Am I moving too fast?

  • Have I missed a step?

  • What’s going on in my body?

  • How’s my energy?

  • What signals have I been ignoring?

  • What is this lesson meant to teach me?

Questions pull us out of the rabbit hole and back on our path.

The universe has our best interests at heart. It takes trust, in self and in what that bigger plan has for us.

It’s important to practice self compassion, gratitude, and remember you are


Be kind to yourself, always. Obstacles are only as big as you decide to make them.

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