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Shift Your Workspace Energy

There’s more to creating a high vibe workspace than being organized or having a clean desk.

When you set an intention for the space you work in, your energy can work in concert with your output.

Clutter confuses our energy.

Energy responds to space.

This is why we enjoy that feeling of being outside with just the sky over our heads, or when we stay in a nice hotel room that is clean and free of clutter. We begin to breathe more deeply and it increases our focus and clarity.

Some easy ways to shift the energy in your environment is to start with the drawers. It may seem that if it’s out of sight it's out of mind, but our energy is aware of what you’ve stashed and buried.

Go through folders and look for old projects, anything that feels negative, old notes, and anything you started but didn’t complete. Chances are if you didn’t go forward with an idea at the time, you won’t now. Besides, you aren’t the same as you were six months ago. Be okay with letting it go.

When you have a workspace that is set with the intention for focus, clarity, and creativity, you’ll be far more motivated to work from a higher vibration.

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