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Refilling the Well

As someone who feels most alive while indulging in my creative energy, I found myself in unchartered territory for the majority of last year. On many occasions my creative well had run bone dry and I was all too aware that it took far more effort to refill it than it ever had before. Even my old tried and true ways had little effect. I think that we all have those treasured elements in our lives that give air to our lungs and grounds us in bliss, whether it be of a creative nature or not. That lack of life’s breath in my lungs just didn’t sit right with me. So at the beginning of this year I made a divine declaration to refill that well with clean, fresh, purified life force, and to keep it full under any circumstances.

Some years are just meant for more focus on being, hearing, and healing, rather than doing. There is just as much action in being as there is in doing, only the being part cultivates energy, rather than depletes it. This year happens to be an active healing one for me, and despite some lingering restlessness, I welcome it. As a big believer in divine timing, it doesn’t go without notice that this year is the Universal Year of five, a time to explore more, open the mind and spirit to adventures, and to discover personal freedom. There are many ways to chain and tether oneself that has nothing to do with the events of the external world.

In reflection, I’ve learned valuable lessons, some more influential than others. I learned where I was restricting myself, even before restrictions were put into place. I learned that I’m not meant to quiet my voice just to make other people comfortable. And I learned that my mission here isn’t bigger than me, which I’ve always been very adamant about before, but rather it’s precisely the size of a mission that when I work with a full well of creative energy, I’m very much ready and destined for.

Energy is a very precious commodity and needs far more tending and time than one would think. A lot of patience goes into healing as it’s a commitment that requires compassion, forgiveness, humility, and love. It’s trusting that I’m safe to fall and rise at the same time. To be okay to use my voice to let others know that I too need to be held. It’s a deepening of faith that there isn’t anything I need to prove in order to be accepted by Spirit or Source.

Whatever this year brings, the freedom that I seek is an entirely internal journey. It’s my time to live less tethered, less chained from the decades of emotional energies that I continue to carry. It’s time to recalibrate, refresh, and amend what I’ve allowed to hold me back from higher-self living. Through healing, the creative energy can find its natural flow again and replenish every sacred nook and cranny that I possess.

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