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Raising the Bar on Your Worth

Tolerate ~ “accept or endure (someone or something unpleasant or disliked) with forbearance.”

It's pretty safe to say that we tolerate a lot in our lives.

1. How often have you overcooked a meal and decided to eat it anyways, even though you had to work at chewing each bite and overall it wasn’t a satisfactory experience?

2. How many times have you noticed what is probably a quick fix in your home, or maybe your car, but continue to ignore it?

3. How many occasions have you let clutter pile up and left it even though you feel the change in your mood each time you see it?

The more you tolerate, the more you draw down your energy. You lower your personal value through the acceptance in thinking that you aren't worth the time to do what's needed to improve your quality of life.

Rather than toss out the food and make a new dish that satisfies and nourishes, you'll tolerate each low energy bite and then wonder why you feel miserable afterwards. It's kind of that garbage in, garbage out scenario.

You wouldn't let your client, customer, or boss tolerate sloppy work, poor service, or a half-assed product. The value you project begins with how you value yourself.

How tolerance shows up in your energy field:

· Unfulfillment

· Stress

· Overwhelm

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Disconnection

· Loss of passion

· Loss of purpose

· Lack of meaning

· Lethargy

· Low self worth

You can change your level of tolerance by raising the bar on your self worth and making the extra effort to treat yourself to a higher quality life.

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