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Passion Frequency Fine-Tuning

What level of passion frequency do you work from? Is it the kind of passion that’s contingent on if things work out or not? Or is your passion the drive, the fire, and the fuel that, regardless if things are in sync or not, you don’t hesitate for a moment about before taking the next step or big leap?

Your energy drives that passion. When you work from a higher vibration you see all the potential and opportunities in the world. You’re confident in your skills, gifts, and abilities and you own your power. You operate in a state of optimized energy and confidently draw in all the resources you need. You watch as happiness, success, and all the things you want seek YOU out. You TRUST.

When you work from a lower vibration, it can seem there are more closed doors and fewer opportunities. Your confidence is shaky and somewhere along the way you gave away your power. You operate from a place that almost seems to push away what you’re looking for. You become the seeker.

Check in with your energy and fine-tune the frequency of your intuition. Trust and believe that your purpose is needed here.

Where are you at right now?

Is your energy deflecting your success or is it bringing it to you?

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