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Mindful Awareness

Despite strong intentions, a great morning routine, and a positive vibe, things can go sideways in a heartbeat.

Say you have a busy day planned with clients. Out of the blue you get triggered or something throws you off and you can’t afford to be sidelined.

One way to hit pause on your reaction, without ignoring it altogether, is to place that negative energy into a holding container.

Choose a rock, stone, or a small object and hold it in your hand. Say something like, “I acknowledge that I’m feeling x about y at this time and I will address this more mindfully later today.”

Feel the negative energy transfer into that object and then set it aside. The transference allows that energy to have somewhere to go so you can refocus your attention elsewhere. It also allows you to handle the trigger at a time when you have more clarity and are less reactive.

Later that day grab your container. Revisit what threw you off and check to see if you still feel the same way as you did earlier. This way you aren't ignoring the issue and you can learn how to manage it better next time. You can get a great AHA moment from this mindfulness method.

How would you finish this sentence:

If I were 10% more mindfully aware each day…

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