• Nancy Jackson

Limitless Potential

When we work with our energy, we activate a grid of limitless possibilities that enable us to be seen, heard, and valued.

When we work against our energy, we can become invisible, less heard, and often this can lead us to questioning our worth.

Our energy doesn't care about following formulas or fitting into molds. Our energy doesn't care about what the next big thing is, and why should it? Our energy is smart. It knows what we're capable of, even more than we do. It's made to work for us, and if we work with it, we're working in concert - in a state of authentic flow.

When we work against our energy, it has no other choice but to flip the switch or resist. While we may get frustrated, it's important to understand that our energy actually looks out for us. Our energy can only thrive if we do, and vice versus. When we work with our energy we activate our limitless potential. We radiate our potential, passion, and purpose. The only limits we have are the ones we choose.

What types of limits do you put on yourself, if any?

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