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How to Know if You're Truly Aligned to Receive Your Deepest Desires

Universal support is always in motion. Its guidance is infinite.

It’s not a transaction.

If you believe that just because you’ve done everything the right way, asked for what you wanted in just the right way, that it automatically means the Universe must provide you with what you want, you’ll likely find disappointment. And that disappointment may have you start believing that you’re somehow not worthy enough to receive your deepest desires.

Some examples:

· I’ve exercised intensely every day this week so I must have lost a lot of weight.

· I’ve recited all my affirmations just the right amount of times so I must get the job I want.

· Even though I was on my phone the whole time, I went outside so I must feel more grounded.

The exercise will be more beneficial if your goal is about creating better wellness habits, the right job will present itself if the energy exchange benefits both parties, and grounding is about being in the moment and fully present, which is a little difficult if your focus is elsewhere.

While your actions might seem right in the moment, the strategy might not be lined up.

Perhaps your vision is more intimacy with your partner, booked soul clients, deep inner healing, more days filled with joy, or a more open and juicy connection to Earth want to align your frequency to your vision with the energy of what will be for your greatest good and highest potential.

Don’t give up on your vision because that first strategy didn’t work. Recognize that the original vision might not be in flow with what’s in your best interest, and there might even be something better.

Check in with one of the goals you’d set for yourself that didn’t come together. Maybe there’s an alternate strategy to try that is more aligned with your desired outcome?

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