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How to Embrace and Realign Your Sacred Authentic Spiritual Journey

The past few years have shown us how essential it is to embrace our sacred, authentic journey. To learn to trust our inner council with unshakeable trust. To not be misled by fear, illusion, scarcity, lack, or to follow blindly. We all have a path before us, and it's designed to guide us into our unique, exquisite transcendence. The key is in how much you're willing to trust.

Do you trust in your inner authority? Are you willing to surrender and trust?

If you listen to the outside world, the media, and society, you're going to believe that you never have enough. The media spin is all about keeping you as a consumer and unable to think for yourself. To believe that you must have more to prove your status, your power, your worth. Are you aware of how often you use the word more? More time, more money, more sleep, more clients, more peace, more fun. How often do you go about your day just checking things off the list and moving on to the next thing without a pause? Tempering the idea of "more" and "next" is where trust comes in.

If you silence all that external noise, you're going to be very surprised by how less affected you are by feelings of lack, scarcity, or low self-worth. You're here to rise up into the best version of yourself and to do that means stepping out from the hectic pace of life and listen to what's calling you.

It may not seem like it, but you can choose to take yourself out of that race against time and allow for the authentic rhythm of your transcendence to take place. Where you hear what is true for you. Where you see beyond veils of illusion into what is real. Where you smell the perfume of life in nature and the headiness of roses. Where you feel the earth cocoon you into a space of complete oneness.

It's appreciating what you already have and not taking for granted that more is on its way. It's celebrating each task, each project, each goal you complete and not filling your day to keep from doing shadow work. It's a control, a methodical way to trick your brain into thinking you're productive while inside you're trying to figure out if what you're doing has any real meaning. The inner voice trying to reason with you and show you there's so much more to life.

There's a pause, a lull, a moment that has the power to pull you out of whatever chaotic and frenzied energy you've elected in to, and back to stillness, to center. It starts on the spiral path. At first you may not even realize that you're on it, but there's a familiarity and a call to remembrance. My walk on the spiral path began at an early age when I was lulled into a quest for answers.

All I knew is that I wanted to embark on something, an experience, that was mine alone. There weren’t any crystal or New Age shops at that time. My school library didn’t really have any books. I didn’t have a computer back then, so there weren't emails claiming someone had the secret, a special code, or that they could take you on a trip into the vortex for a large sum of money. When I started on my path, it wasn't a trend. Because of that, it was a slow unfold. A deep descent into the unknown. It didn’t take long for me to learn that it would be a lifelong journey.

Since I've been on a spiritual journey that has taken me on many paths, including Pagan, Witch, Druid, Priestess, Shaman, along with various sacred and healing arts.

Through these ancient wisdom teachings I've learned to intuitively move to my own rhythm, with one foot to the Earth and one hand to the Star Nations.

It's from my ancestors that I receive unconditional support, love, healing, truth, and empowerment. Through ritual I open portals and channels for my above and below guides and guardians to impart their wisdom to me.

Some days I come away empowered and enlightened. Some days I'm ready for battle. Some days I'm left with incredible peace and understanding. Some days they have me on my knees in tears and fully surrendering. But always I am loved and I'm never alone.

I have an unshakeable trust, and the spiral path is all about trust. Trust in the process, trust in your inner authority, trust in the journey, trust in the unknown, trust in divine timing, and trust that what is meant for you will always find you.

Your path is uniquely yours and not meant to look like anyone else’s. How you navigate your journey is in the willingness to surrender to whatever lessons you’re meant to learn. It’s an unraveling of layers of anything anyone has ever led you to believe about yourself until you’re bare, naked, and vulnerable.

🔹️Your path evolves with you.

🔹️Your path evolves because of you.

🔹️Your path can only be walked by you.

Your exquisite transcendence will never be led by control, but rather through the spiral path of inner trust where you unravel the conditioning and false beliefs, where you begin to release the unhealed patterns and take a brave step forward to reconnecting with the very heart of you.

Where do you think you are on the spiral path? At the beginning or somewhere in the middle? Have you been on the path and either tried to skip ahead or took one too many detours? The beauty is that you can always recalibrate and return to center no matter where you are on your path. If you'd like some gentle guidance on ways to start that soul journey, than make sure to download your FREE Five Tips to Embrace Your Authentic Path and Return to Center!

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