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How Often Do You Practice Conscious Consumption?

Do you practice conscious consumption?

Or do you mindlessly scroll through posts, seeking out what everyone else deems worthy?

What you feed your energy centers determines a lot about your vitality, intuitive intelligence, and the vibration you project out into the world. Sort of that whole garbage in, garbage out approach.

The more you discern what you're consuming, the more you preserve your energy and increase the overall well-being of your mind, body, spirit.

This might mean concerning yourself less with what others think and tune in to your inner authority.

Other ways to consume less:

~Create your own methods, affirmations, mantras, and symbols - they will hold much more meaning and empowerment when it's yours.

~Embody full self awareness and responsibility. Any thoughts, actions, where you put all your attention, affects you as a whole.

~Unlink from everyone else's beliefs, journey, what they do, say, and think.

You're here to bring your authentic flair into the world. When you consume less and place more trust into what you're meant to bring, you second-guess less.

Preserve your energy for what matters most in your life.

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