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Now Is The Moment of Power

Making time to be present can help make you even more present all throughout your day.

Even if you aren’t someone who practices meditation regularly, consider taking five minutes to just be.

In the now it isn’t about fears, doubts, or faults. It’s accepting what is. It’s awareness of our breath. Hearing it. Feeling it. Experiencing it. Seeing the rise and fall of our chest.

Now is about stepping away from whatever the next big thing is and putting focus on what has always been the big thing – you.

Try this 5 minute pause:

1. For 1 minute pause and breathe. Close your eyes, inhale to the count of 4, hold for 4, then exhale for 4.

2. For 1 minute create an I AM sentence that resonates most with you. I AM _________ (worthy, passionate, genuine, resilient, empowered, creative) and then complete that


3. For 1 minute, repeat the above sentence to yourself or aloud. Feel the shift of your vibration.

4. For 1 minute think of 3 ways you're grateful.

5. For 1 minute shake out your body, stretch, and smile.

How would you complete this thought?

If I am more accepting of my faults…

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