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Get Out Of Your Way

Today's energy post is all about the G-force that happens when you Get out of your Way.

When we're working with our energy, being aware of where our energy is going, and making conscious, deliberate decisions, we project out an incredible magnetic energy. It's from that magnetic energy that the clients, customers, and patrons you most want to work with will indeed find you. It's co-existing and co-creating with the Universe. You know it when it's happening because all the possibilities and opportunities, resources, tools, and people seem to line right up like a hallway of open doors.

Through this magnetic support, we're able to stay on track with our purpose and confidently move step by step towards where we want to be.

When we make unconscious decisions, work from fear, doubt, old patterns, and without healthy filters in place, we hide ourselves from universal support.

  • Let the universe see you

  • Know your worth

  • Trust

  • Act in full conscious awareness

  • Tune in

  • Stay open to receive anything and everything that's meant for you

  • Lead with your energy

When you get out of your way, you have more energy and more time to build the empire of your dreams.

Are you staying out of your way or is this an area you could strengthen?

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