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Acquiring true authentic abundance takes more than a strong mindset. If you aren't energetically in alignment with abundance, your mindset can lead you astray.

Authentic abundance is your natural resonance to what universal wealth means to you. This requires syncing up with your heart and the frequency of how you internalize money in your body. A lot of so called "money issues" very rarely have anything to do with your actual money story, only the one that you've chosen to adopt and make your own. You can have grown up with parents who didn't instill a positive energy around money and not have a money issue.

When your heart, your frequency, and your mindset are all aligned, you'll feel the ease of bringing abundance into your everyday life.

With over 30 years of studying everything I could get my hands on about energy, I've learned that the mind is generally the last to get onboard and the first to jump ship. As a co-partner with Source, it's essential that you not only feel abundant, but you must believe it.

Your energy will always call you out. No matter how confident you psyche yourself up to be, if you don't feel confident, you'll be projecting insecure and nervous energies. Empowering your energy, heartfelt trust and belief, and setting a strong intention are the three keys to creating authentic abundance.

Here are a few simple practices to get you started incorporating the three keys.

Make a list of any money-related words that energize and empower you.

Some examples: wealth, prosperity, riches, abundance, investment, expenses, fortune, luxuries, worth, revenue, profit, payoff, currency, funding, capital, financial status.

Next, circle the ones that most resonate with you.

Then list the words that are often challenging. These will be the words that take some work or actually may feel foreign to you. They're likely words other people use but for you they don't fully connect.

Choose a word from the challenging list. Make notes about this word.

Ask questions such as:

  • How do I feel about this word?

  • What emotions come up?

  • Are these emotions mine to own?

  • What is another word like this one that I feel more connected to?

  • When I say this word, how does it sound?

  • Where do I feel this word in my body?

Awareness behind the energy of the word will bring clarity to why you may feel disconnected from the idea of easily acquiring authentic abundance.

When you're aware of the energy, practice feeling into that energy, then begin to embrace the higher frequency of that empowering word and use it in your daily conversations.

Finally, set an intention using that higher frequency word that you are in full alignment with your natural, authentic abundance.


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