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Energy Mastery Begins With Awareness

It's no longer acceptable to be without doing, and to do without being. When we're conscious each day of our energy and of our purpose, we make a commitment to be part of this world and to help make it better.

When you work within your right energy, you can show up each day with vitality. You can accomplish what you want and end the day fulfilled.

The flip side of this is BURN OUT. Working against your energy and working against universal energy is a lot of running around with an empty tank.

It's an irresponsible use of our energy to fuel others to a higher state of evolution if we are ourselves are running on empty. If you're exhausted, not making time to recharge, and are simply giving - you're not providing a service, you're providing a disservice. Why should someone pay for a disservice?

The quality of energy - the quality of what you do and give out to others - is based on how you personally manage your energy each day.

What's one way you keep yourself from burn out?

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