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Energy Chakra Check-In Prompts

It's a lot easier than you think to check in with your chakras. Use the questions below to see which ones need more attention.


Am I feeling safe and financially secure?

Is my foundation strong?

Am I feeling grounded and centered within myself?

Do I trust that I'm supported?


Am I in touch with my Inner Child

Am I staying open and receptive to creativity in all forms?

Do I feel confidence and safe to be in my body?

Am I missing passion in my life?


Am I balanced in my inner strength and inner peace?

Am I honoring the power within me?

Am I standing in my own power?

Am I working from a place of faith rather than fear?


Am I honoring myself with kindness and compassion?

Do I forgive myself for things I couldn't have known?

Have I been too judgmental and critical of myself and others?

Am I in alignment with giving and receiving love?


Do I speak my authentic truth?

Am I expressing myself authentically in all areas of my life?

Am I listening and hearing what others have to say?

Do I allow others to have an opinion without pushing my own?


Do I trust the visions that come to me?

Am I connected to my inner guidance?

Do I trust my intuition without question?

Do I take action from my inner wisdom?


Am I connected to Source, Spirit, my Faith, and my Higher Self?

Do I feel safe to surrender to divine guidance?

Am I able to be selfless?

Do I honor the divine within me?

Revisit these questions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or whenever you feel that you're out of alignment.

Choose one area to work on rather than attempt to balance them all at once.

awareness is the key to getting aligned.

Trust is the key to staying aligned.

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