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Do You Postpone Joy?

Do you postpone joy?

Do you notice that you have to do a considerable amount of work just to set yourself up to feel joy?

When you do feel joy, is it short-lived because you immediately move onto the next thing?

Do you ignore personal needs and push through situations because you feel you haven’t earned the right to be happy?

Perhaps you think everything needs to be “just so” before you can enjoy yourself.

***You will be as abundant in joy as you allow yourself to be***

The more you practice sprinkling in moments of joy all throughout the day – rather than holding back or waiting for permission to feel joy – the more empowered and liberated you’ll feel. As you receive in the energy of joy, you shift into the present and into your personal power. You have much to celebrate about you and your life each day.

Joy isn’t about compensation, it’s about honoring through self-worth and valuing who you are.

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