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Do You Fear Wisdom Highlights?

2021 is the universal number 5 and it's all about liberation from old patterns that don't support or serve your highest potential.

This year I've fully embraced that liberation and said an emphatic YES to my radical realignment. One thing I was more than ready to release was coloring my hair. I've been coloring my hair since I was 12. My mom colored her hair and I kept bugging her to let me try until she gave in.

What was once fun and expressive turned into more of a chore. Not to mention that 15 years ago I ditched chemicals and toxins in food, cleaning products, and makeup. Yet I was still pouring chemicals on my head.

There seemed something really wrong with that. Then I read more into those chemicals and the amount of damage they cause to your brain and your hormones. But most importantly, I realized I just didn't want to dye my hair anymore because there's so much more to life. The color of my hair doesn't change the wisdom or gifts that I share.

Since January 2021 I've stopped the dye and have embraced my gray. Sure, the process is slow and it hasn't been easy, but it is wonderfully freeing. I look forward to having a full head of silvery, white, gray strands that are mine all mine.

I realize that going gray isn't for everyone, but I didn't have any real reasons left that made sense. Freedom over fear!

What keeps you from letting your wisdom highlights show?

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