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Do You Compromise Your Integrity?

The daily gift of choice allows us an opportunity to recalibrate to our truth and our integrity. Without integrity we’re left paddling around in someone else’s story, on someone else’s path. Your path is not meant to look like another’s.

Abundance follows the flow of your unique energy, values, and authentic expression.

Use your voice – it holds a special frequency and vibration that draws in the people, opportunities, and possibilities meant for you. You won’t know how strong your voice is if you don’t take the time to tune in and listen.

Belong to yourself – without judgment, self-criticism, and unkind words about the unique markings you call flaws. You won’t lose sight of your personal boundaries or fall into people pleasing when you make yourself a priority first.

Release the need to abandon yourself for your dreams and call in your personal power. You don't need to compromise your integrity anchored in someone else's beliefs. Abundance follows authentic flow. What comes from your energy will always hold the most meaning, and that energy is infinite in the impact you'll make.

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