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Did you know your gifts want to be discovered?

Did you know that your gifts want to be discovered? Would you know what to do with your gifts if you found them? Are you ready to unleash them into the world?

First off, let's just talk about those amazing skills, talents, abilities of yours.

You may think that your gifts are hidden, or a best kept secret of some sort that you only hope will show up before you're too old to do something with. Which, there's no such thing as too old anymore. When you were a child, you had the greatest access to those gifts. They followed you everywhere. They spoke to you, sang to you, and revealed themselves to you while you played, daydreamed, and slept.

It's because as a child you were completely open, vulnerable, and attuned to those gifts. You had so much going on inside you, it was nearly impossible to sit still. Running from one activity to another, limitless energy coursing through your body, and often a little too advanced for your young mind to fully comprehend.

They are still there, asking for you to scoop them up and start using them. And while as a child it kept us moving, now as an adult they ask us to slow down, get quiet, become still, tune in, be open, listen, and remember.

When you do get still and quiet, or maybe in those times you feel called to open your journal and just write, you'll find your gifts are whispering to you. They want you to find them. There are so many ways to discover them.

Here are some ways to help you discover (or rediscover) them:

List your fears.

List what excites you.

What are you passionate about?

What did you often play with as a child, or imagine you were?

What do you consider your flaws and stuff you want to hide?

What do you think you're not good at?

What habit/belief/pattern would you love to no long have hanging over you?

What do you think makes you strange and different?

What do you worry about someone judging you on?

What comes naturally to you and always has?

What lights you up to do, think about, feel, or speak with others about?

What are your favorite experiences?

What do you remember from past-life experiences?

What nudges do you receive?

What are your dreams about?

What hobbies do you wish you could start/do?

There are countless ways to delve into your innermost workings. Trust that you hold the key to unlocking each and every single one of your gifts. The path to your gifts have always been within.

You're here to show the world who you really are!

What happens when you've discovered your gifts and aren't using them?

The other side of those gifts is that once you're aware of them, once you've untied the pretty bow and are now holding those beauties in your hands, that you do something with them. Not because they expire at midnight or may go out of style. Not because someone else will snatch them up (they're uniquely yours to own) or because you'll lose them.

Your gifts are fuel and fodder for everything in your life - in both the being and the doing. But maybe you're struggling with how to use those gifts, or you think your gifts are too out there and strange. You've just found these beautiful gifts and you don't want to ruin them or mess them up, or worse, be judged by them. The good news is, you can't ruin them or mess them up. And even more good news, they're needed more than you know. Likely you're the only one judging them.

It's a fallacy to believe that there are any secrets to life. All is revealed when it's meant to be, in its own timing, and when it's right for you. That's why the time of the Guru is over (though, I never bought into that belief to begin with). There's no "one person" who holds all the knowledge, is the only psychic, is the only one who can teach you something specific, is the "one". You hold more inner wisdom than you know, and it's because of this, when you discover your gifts, you're meant to share them.

Whether you're getting curious about your gifts, feel like you've been searching but still haven't found your gifts, or you need that gentle nudge to get out there and do something with those gifts, I can help you. It's a joy to watch my clients embrace their gifts and put them to good use out in the world.

Your existence here is greater than what you think. But your gifts aren't about what you think - they're what you know, deep inside, your soul songs, your inner stirrings, your passions. They're much too precious to keep hidden from yourself and from others.

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In frequency,


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