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How Often Do You Change Lanes?

Want to know a quick way to deplete energy and create energy leaks?

Lane Changing.

Each of us are amazingly capable beings with an innate sense of direction. When we tune in to our inner guidance, we tune in to the path that we're meant to be on.

But sometimes we're led to believe that everyone else knows better than us. So we ignore what feels right and get caught up in shiny cars and how fast they're going.

We expend a lot of energy in brake-accelerator-brake mode, passing to get a bit ahead only to find that we're not really any further along. We may drive from a place of insecurity and doubt, or a fear that maybe we don't actually know what we know.

It can be exhausting to keep changing lanes, frenetically looking around, looking back, looking forward, easing off the pedal and then flooring it.

When we stay in our own lane we sustain our energy and can relax and enjoy the adventure. In our lane we’re confident, secure, and in flow.

Our energy allows us to do great things, and in our right vibration we can steer ourselves at a pace that will always get us to our purpose-filled destination.

How often do you find yourself changing lanes?

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