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Can You Free Yourself from Repeated Patterns Through Radical Realignment?

You hold the power to free yourself from any unhealed or repeated patterns through radical realignment.

You always have the choice to stay in what you've deemed as the safe place in your story.

You always have the choice to get radical and realign to your soul journey.

What is Radical Realignment? It's one bold step forward that shifts you from completely comfortable into a moment in the unknown.

It makes you uncomfortable, feels unfamiliar, and where you get empowered as you recognize that nothing has fallen apart. Rather, something has fallen into place. It's that liminal space where you want to both run to and run away from, where your mind wants to break down, where your lungs tighten, and your vision blurs. However, in that liminal space your energy is more alive than ever. It sparks life force energy to propel you into ascension.

Why do patterns repeat, even when you're aware of them?

Repeated patterns form when there's a lack of growth or a lesson hasn't been fully recognized. Often times they stem from how you respond to a trigger or the times when you get in your way of progress. By understanding a trigger you can better understand the origin of the pattern. A pattern continues until you choose to take action and disrupt it.

Of course it isn't easy. You can become so accustomed to a pattern that you wouldn't know what to do if it didn't exist.

Until you take personal responsibility, become your own advocate, and say enough, the pattern will remain. When you take a stand against fears, doubts, false beliefs, and insecurities and allow yourself to move out from stagnancy into action, the pattern will remain. Patterns are stubborn and so are you.

Being radical isn't about being a rebel or wreaking havoc. It's willingly stepping into unknown territory where you don't have any answers. Being radical is choosing to lead and not follow the path to your dreams. In your quest to seek your path of purpose, you must believe that you are the one who is most qualified to lead the way. Making a radical change is also the acceptance that sure, it's scary, and it's what will make the journey that much more meaningful and impactful.

The unfamiliar will always seem scary because we aren't given any assurance that we'll be okay. Our minds will wildly concoct a million scenarios of everything going wrong while simultaneously directing us to retreat to safety.

Which is why we repeat patterns in the first place. The moment we consider change, our mind reminds us of past failures, old tapes, and unhealed inner child wounds. Any failures, any past attempts to move forward, all competing for space until we defer to what's less disruptive and our minds can soothe us back into that safe, stagnant pattern.

Radical realignment is trust and faith that there's so much more to our current existence. To no longer stay in a loop that has nowhere to go.

Are you aware of a pattern that you keep repeating?

How does the pattern make you feel? Frustrated? Exhausted? Numb?

From personal experience I've had some patterns that kept me from living. I fed these patterns with so much fear and insecurity that they had no other choice but to grow. I was fully aware of them and they sapped me of vitality and my dreams. I didn't think I had the courage to change or pull myself out of them.

I watched life pass me by until I said enough. I was done being mad, angry, sad, frustrated, exhausted, and numb, so I got radical. I dissected and dismantled those patterns and welcomed the sweet freedom. The only power they hold is the power we give them. Unfortunately once you free up one pattern, there's generally another waiting in the wings.

You hold the power. You can pull yourself right out of that pattern, out of that story, and into one that is more aligned with your vision, potential, and purpose. When you take your power back, shifts follow. Freedom follows. You're worth every moment you spend forging your authentic path.

Radical is the gateway to your next-level life.

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