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Blurring Work-Life Boundaries

The more we move into remote working and increased entrepreneurship opportunities, the easier it is to blur the line of what it means to be finished with work for the day.

I've been there, and while in some strange way it almost feels good to push and sacrifice for your business, it's a great way to push you closer to burnout.

If your calendar is filled with people, and you haven't scheduled yourself on there, you're doing a disservice to your business. To show up for others, first means showing up for yourself. Even 10 minutes in the morning where you aren't thinking about the busyness of your day, and are tuned in to what you're actually thinking and feeling about, will give your energy a must needed boost.

Here are some affirmations to help remind you that yes, you matter, and that the good energy you put into your business will come right back to you. You can't deprive and thrive.

~I am safe to say no without remorse

~I am secure with putting myself first before others

~I release any guilt from choosing my needs over others

~I am in flow when I make myself a priority

~I will no longer carry the weight of what I think someone feels

~I am choosing myself because I matter

~My priorities start with me

~I let go of all negative thoughts about what others think when I take care of myself first

~I show myself love when I choose what’s right for me

Is there one that resonates most with you?

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