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Are You the Guiding Force in Your Transformation?

In order for true transformation to take place, you must first embody the energy of what it is you want to change. Without embodying the frequency of that desire, you’re missing the key ingredient.

If what you intend to change is motivated by fear, doubt, or anger, you’ll likely not find the results rewarding. This tends to play out in repeated patterns and loops.

If you desire prosperity, you first need to feel prosperous.

If you desire gratitude, you first need to feel grateful.

If you feel expansion around a project, you first need to feel expansive in your life.

If you desire confidence, you first need to feel confident.

Once you embody what you want to transform, act and believe that the change has already taken place again and again.

Remember that you are the guiding force in your personal transformation. Nothing outside you holds the power to change you. Rebirth begins within.

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