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Are You Aligned with Your Core Values?

Individuality is a beautiful and unique gift. It takes a considerable amount of courage to know what you stand for and continue to stand for yourself when other people and society try to nudge you to be someone else.

What are your values? What holds meaning for you? When I see people on the quest for the ever illusive “MORE” I wonder where the motivation comes from.

When I wake in the morning my quest to consciously create a day filled with all the ways that light me up. Good company, meaningful conversations, happiness, soul-aligned clients, and a business that reflects me and my values.

To know who you are, to know what you stand for, those are what will keep you going when you start to get distracted by other people’s values being imposed on you.

Radical means different things to each individual. For one personal radical might mean sitting down to read a work of fiction rather than consuming what someone else has done in their life. For another radical might mean sitting down to eat lunch in the dining room rather than eating mindlessly in front of the computer.

It takes courage to align your inner values with inspired action. It takes courage to live authentically. My clients are so wonderfully courageous when they ask me to meet them on their journey because they know that things are going to shift and they’re going to reconnect to themselves, their purpose, and their authentically aligned life.

If you’re ready for some Radical Realignment™ click here and book a call.

Your path and purpose are as individual as you are – it’s time to honor that beautiful soul inside.

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