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A Spirited Reflection

Reflection is a vital part of growth no matter the month, season, or phase of life. It allows us to adjust our vision, both of where we’ve been, where we are, and what’s to come. I know I’m not alone in feeling that this year started with a stronger sense of focus and clarity towards our personal vision, and then that vision blurred. It was apparent that I’d have to quickly adjust and see through a different lens so that I didn’t lose sight of my purpose. That adjustment included immense gratitude for my spirituality.

I knew the moment I embraced spirituality that I’d never be alone. My deep connection to spirit is what continues to help me see the light in every situation, even when that light is well concealed. It’s within this inner knowing that through this new lens, positive energy is magnified through the healing medicine of Mother Nature, the support of the cosmos, the guidance of the goddess moon, the great central sun, and the infinite source. Regardless of how topsy-turvy things get, that support system never leaves us.

I need only speak out, reach out, and bathe myself in the essence of nature to be comforted and reminded that we co-exist in a realm of endless unity. My faith, trust, and belief in something that is greater than me remains a constant in an ever changing world. Spirituality serves as a way to change perspective and to channel into my higher consciousness where I can detach from my human conditioning and find freedom in whatever will be. Spirituality helps me access the creative energy that takes me from scarcity into resourcefulness, and from fear into trust in the unknown.

Rather than focusing on the destruction of what I believed was a normal world, I can now see the possibilities that have arisen from creating stronger foundations from which to build a new earth on. I know that I’m in good company and I only need look beneath me to the ancestors, above me to the great vastness of energies, and all around at Mother Earth’s bounty to be reminded of my greater part here.

I can stand strong in my sense of self because there is no part of me that isn’t loved unconditionally. The good that I do here will be remembered forever, imprinted into the same earth my ancestors have walked, and the heart of my energy will forever float among the universe. To find strength I need only to accept the divine love that is always present. That divine love has been gifted to us all.

As I sit here and reflect, I am reminded of the countless memories of laughter, happiness, giddiness, pride, joy, bliss, and personal growth. I’m fully aware of what I’ve endured, survived, and witnessed. Everything changes, and with it so does the trajectory of our soul journey. I choose to see through the lens of endless doorways to be opened and a sea of limitless potential.

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