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7 Ways to Add More Mmm to Your Morning

Are you crawling out of bed with pinched eyes?

Do you start your day scrolling through social media while telling yourself you can afford another 10 minutes if you don't wash your hair or if you skip breakfast?

Is the morning spent doing for others and by the time you get to yourself you just really don't care?

What if you could bring a little MMM to your mornings? They might make it worth getting up for.

  1. MOVEMENT - This can be as gentle or as vigorous as you want. From stretching to yoga, a walk around the block, lifting weights, full out cardio or my favorite--dancing. Do enough to get a little blood flowing. Did you know the earth vibrates at a frequency of eight hertz? When we walk in natural areas, our bodies resonate with and absorb this vibrational energy, which provides a feeling of harmony and relaxation. Even five minutes of movement here and there will give your physical and mental health a much needed boost.

  2. MANTRA - A mantra is a statement you repeat throughout the day. Our minds are powerful, as are our words. We believe what we tell ourselves, so start out the day with words that are positive. Try something like, “I will smile at everyone I see today, whether they smile at me or not.” Or maybe, “I'm going to make this day a fabulous one!” If things take an unexpected turn, shake it off and repeat your mantra. Be relentless. You get to decide if you want to course correct your day and move on or if you want to allow others to steer it for you.

  3. MIRROR TALK - Yes, you read that correctly. Look into the mirror and speak to yourself as you would want an admirer to speak to you. Be bold with loving, complimentary words that make your cheeks blush. Flirt a little and give yourself a wink! There's only one of you, and you deserve to be told how amazing and special you are straight from your own lips. Bask in your radiance inside and out. So what if you have an uneven skin tone, blemishes, wrinkles, or gray hairs? As your own admirer you need only see your true, authentic beauty. So revel in your feminine divine and love every second of it!

  1. MEAL ENVY - Starting the day with a scrumptious healthy breakfast is showing yourself some serious self-respect. Food is fuel and we need to fill up with premium goodness to be at our optimal best physically, mentally, and emotionally. Smoothies, fruit, yogurt and granola, oatmeal, toast with avocado, leftovers from last night's can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Aim for a satisfying mix of protein, carbs and fat to be clear-headed and energized.

  2. MUSIC - A few minutes of listening to uplifting or soothing music makes for a boost in positive energy and generates inner balance. Create playlists that inspire you or put on those vintage favorites that add a little nostalgic bliss. Bonus - listening to music stimulates the brain and increases its overall functionality. Sounds like good medicine!

  3. MEDITATION - Introspection is soul candy. A good three to five minutes of sitting quietly with your eyes closed and concentrating on calm, cleansing breaths has powerful benefits. You'll find meditation inspiration online, on apps or in books. I like Insight Timer. Listen to nature sounds or chant OM. Use a guided meditation if you find your thoughts racing. Peace is something we aren’t often afforded with, but it's essential and wonderfully therapeutic. If you find meditation a challenge simply close your eyes and just breathe.

  1. MINDFULNESS - If mornings spent in a whirlwind of chaos and stress sounds like your usual routine then it's time to infuse moments of mindfulness into your day. Pause, experience, savor and appreciate what you have in your life, and the special people you share it with. Engage the senses. Inhale the aroma of your tea or coffee. Feel the texture in your mouth. Taste the roasted nut butter you’ve slathered on that piece of toast. Note the cinnamon spice in your oatmeal. Admire the vibrancy of the berries as you plop them in your smoothies or swirl them in your yogurt. Chew your food slow and savor each delectable bite. Think about the here and now, not five minutes from now or tomorrow or that mile long to-do list that you know lacks balance. Live in the moment!

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