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After a year in the yang tiger energy, we open up more realms of prosperity, good fortune, introspection, and flow as the 2023 Lunar Forecast moves into the Year of the Rabbit.

The Rabbit, and more specifically, the Water Rabbit brings themes of fluidity, reflection, release, creativity, peace, gentleness, and calm. This year is a more yin year, one in which introspection, intuition, inner trust, and finding your authentic rhythm is the direction you're being led in. The water element allows us to feel more deeply into our emotions and feelings, use reflection as guideposts, and learn to live from a state of flow.

After 2022's year of doing, it's a year of being. Less thinking your way forward and more feeling your way forward. The Year of the Rabbit interconnects with this year's Universal Year 7 - also a year of reflection, introspection, and finding your authentic self. It's definitely a year for exploring and discovering your spiritual path, and if you've already been on your path, it offers more deepening into the heart and soul.

The Lunar New Year is often celebrated on a different day each year. It tends to follow a New Moon and goes on for around fifteen days, just in time for the Full Moon. During this time there's the lighting of lanterns, honoring of ancestors, and giving thanks for what is to come.

You can create your own method of celebration simply by lighting a candle each day, honoring loved ones, ancestors, Mother Earth, or whatever you're drawn to. Perhaps creating a simple altar that represents rabbit energy (a picture, card, figurine, stuffed animal), a bowl of water or chalice for the element of water - or even shells, and a candle. You can make it as simplistic as you'd like.

Rabbits are of course known as being quite witty, speedy, agile, curious, and intelligent. However you choose to honor the Year of the Rabbit will be what's right for you - there's no right or wrong way. Enjoy this yin time, get plenty of rest, release and let go of stagnant energies regularly, trust your inner wisdom, give yourself permission to close out all that external noise, and follow your natural, authentic rhythm.

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