Authentic Resonance

Embody your Soul-led frequency from the inner framework of your true, authentic essence.

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It begins with a deep dive into your personal truth

How well do you know yourself? When was the last time you did a deep dive into all those identities that you've accumulated over time and checked in to see if those are even in alignment with your personal truth?


You have an authentic foundation that you came here with, created from your core beliefs, values, and energetic imprints. Over time, that foundation was tested by outside factors and people and cracked open just enough to start a slow leak of your authentic energy. And during that time, you were conditioned to seal those leaks up tight with the stories, beliefs, and ideas of others. As a response, your foundation shifted away from you and stopped supporting or serving your personal growth. It doesn't need to be that way. To restore your authentic foundation it takes rebuilding your inner terrain with trust, self-belief, and self-empowerment.


The stronger your foundation, the more magnetic your gifts, wisdom, and energetic outreach. When you have solid footing the rest will follow. Everything you do will resonate out into the world and come back to you in a way that serves and supports you, aligned in your favor.

The second guessing, the doubts, uncertainties and fears are merely signposts on your inner journey to guide you to a greater awareness of you.

Your inner compass is designed to guide you towards what resonates. The way to get to where you want has everything to do with staying out of your way and the conscious awareness of what is navigating that directional pull.

All you need to do is believe, trust, and walk the path with a steady awareness of the signs that guide you. The more you embody your truth, the less there is to fear. Your authentic frequency thrums in a way that fear can't touch.

It's when you let fear be the guiding factor or when you follow someone else's compass, that the magnetic pull gets disrupted.

Resonance is about going deeper into the authentic frequency from which you work, and the alignment of your business aspiration(s) and the life you foresee. When you have a strong base, when you are energetically aligned, your resonance will call in what you want, and from a higher frequency.

Using the energetic imprints of Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Akashic Records, and frequency recalibration, you can fully embody the natural state of you. You'll connect with and revitalize your energy centers through simple practices that honor your mind, body, and soul.


As you step into your authentic self, you'll find liberation in your voice, and no longer suppress your personal truths in order to fit into misaligned identities.

You'll be liberated from all those identifiers that you convinced yourself helped you feel safe, that you belonged, and gave you a false sense of security. Through that liberation your long-hidden gifts can be recovered, and rebirth can begin.

You'll gain introspection and clarity as to how those loops and patterns constructed from anxiety, fear, overwhelm, panic, being an empath, an introvert, or a highly sensitive person kept you disconnected from your heart speak, your soul song, and trust in your natural innate abilities. You'll gain courage to no longer need to walk through life from a surface level, afraid to tackle anything too deep for fear of what it might bring up or what you might have to relive or revisit. You won't feel the pressure of being driven by all the insecure mind chatter, neglect your feminine edge, or be overrun by limiting factors.


The more you step into your personal truth portal, the easier it is to let these identifiers go, and the easier it is to welcome yourself back home. Whatever you've believed just may no longer hold true for you. It's time for a new story from a strengthened framework constructed from your most authentic and aligned self.

When you embody your authentic self, you create the foundation that everything you want - everything that already exists for you - can build and grow from.


Your entire life experience has been readying you to realize that you've always had everything you needed inside you.

Who will benefit the most from this time together? Awakening leaders, empaths, introverts, highly sensitive people, soul-led and heart-centered leaders, wayshowers of the new business paradigm, women who are innovative, creative, and are ready for authentic self-mastery.

Through your aligned energy you'll learn how to holistically align your business aspirations with your life's mission. You'll build your business on top of an indestructible foundation using your energetic imprints to market your medicine in a way that compliments your unique design. You'll confidently share your voice - not through selling - but through your innate ability to help another rise.

You aren't here to conform or resign yourself to a one-size fits all business scope. You are here to blaze a trail that belongs only to you.

Your resonance has been suppressed long enough. Unleash your Authentic Resonance.

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"Nancy has such great energy. She has really impacted my life and my development." Cheryl Lee, Now Is Your Time


old beliefs, static patterns, unproven stories, and hidden influences


your Higher Self frequency to regain clarity, direction, and confident presence


your inner leading lady aligned with your authentic energetic imprints


your mind, body, spirit, soul, your feminine energy, and inner wisdom

As your Guide, I'll collaborate with you to:

What You Can Expect:

  • 6 Month 1:1 Twice monthly sessions on Zoom

  • Integrate your authentic energetic imprints through Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and your intuitive heart intelligence to (re)create your sustainable and aligned business foundation

  • Redefine healthy boundaries and inner self-dialogue

  • Personalized Energetic Imprint Guide

  • Harmonize your seen masculine energy and your unseen feminine energetics

  • Individualized practices and rituals to awaken the natural-born leader within

  • Activate your natural gift of drawing in abundance

  • Energy shifts to de-condition beliefs, be safe to be heard, and become more expansive

  • Decipher the medicine you're here to share and how to apply that in business

  • Market and create content in a way that is holistic and true to your design

  • Deepen into self-trust and trust in the universe

  • Be guided, supported, witnessed via voice message, text, and email

  • Private client portal for self-accountability

  • 3 Holy Fire® Healing Experiences to amplify healing and soulful empowerment

Authentic Resonance 1:1 6 month Program

Total cost $1500 if Paid In Full

6 x monthly payments of $300

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"I have up-leveled in ways I couldn't imagine." Katy Whyte, Soul Connections

This program is for you if:

You're ready to stop living from the surface of the pool and do a deep dive into your inner design.

You crave more vitality, happiness, purpose, and freedom.


You want more passion, joy, inspiration, and fulfillment in your life.

You know your purpose is bigger than you and you're done suppressing it.


You're an emerging service-based owner, you're an established business owner that feels disconnected from yourself, or you simply want to create new opportunities for personal growth and expansion in your life.


You're ready to heal past wounds and conditioning so you can get out of your own way and be the leading lady of your life.


You're no longer willing to go through the motions of life and be an observer.

You've been navigating from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, duality, and spend too much time in your masculine energy.


You want someone to witness, support, and guide you through personal transformation who is many cycles into her own growth and development.


You are ready and willing to put in the work because you know in your core that it's the inner work that makes all the outer work more meaningful and impactful.

This program isn't for you if:

You aren't ready to get up close and personal with your authentic truth.

You're driven by quick fixes rather than understanding the cure.

Your aspirations don't include giving back to others and the world in some meaningful way.

You aren't willing to make time to do the hard work and prefer to have everything done for you.

You're looking to start a business that has little to do with creating real connections and nurturing your clients and community.

You aren't interested in nurturing your feminine energy or you feel feminine energy lacks power.

You are closed off to healing or don't believe you can benefit from healing.

You're only interested in your mindset.

You are resistant to change.

You like formulas and being told what to do.

You aren't willing to be called out, see new perspectives, or be challenged to try new ways of being.

You aren't ready for significant change.

If you have any questions or if you know that you're ready to deepen into your essence - your authentic resonance - and embody the soul-led leader you are, I invite you to set up a call with me by clicking below.