Frequency Foundation

Is the energy around your business foundation strong? Are you working with or against your energy?

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We'll zero in on specific aspects of your Human Design type and Gene Keys to create a foundation aligned to your unique vision.

Lead from your business frequency

There is an energy you alone are here to bring. It's your unique attractor ability. It's your unique frequency. When you blend knowledge from your Human Design type and the Gene Keys, you gain awareness around what you're meant to do in this life, what you're meant to learn, what increases your vitality, and what will most fulfill you.

Understanding the inner-workings of your life-force energy is a game changer for you and your business. It gives you insight into how to leverage your challenges to create limitless expansion.

When you work with your energy rather than against it, you open up new doors of opportunity and possibility that are aligned with your big vision and purpose.

Human Design

Understand the key aspects of your Human Design type as they apply to business.

Gene Keys

Insight into your purpose, life's work, and how to lead from your higher self frequency.

What You Can Expect:

  • 120 min Intensive Strategy Session (can be broken into two 1-hour sessions)

  • Personalized recap + guidebook

  • Actionable steps to keep you out of your way

  • Email support for 30 days

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"I have up-leveled in ways I couldn't imagine." Katy Whyte, Soul Connections

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