Flip Your Frequency

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Breakthrough 1:1 sessions to strengthen your inner foundation so you can expand and grow with confidence and clarity

Get out of your way with a sure-fire frequency infusion

There's an energy you alone are here to bring. It's your unique attractor ability.


When you're the one inspiring others and making connections happen, the last thing you want is to second guess why you do what you do or go down the rabbit hole of doubt.


You can FLIP that doubt into clarity.




Over the next 3 months, you will gain clarity and direction to get out of your way so you can get back to expanding and growing in your life and business.

Renewed sense of clarity and direction to take inspired action.

Personalized awareness to create energetic flow in your life and business.

Effective shifts that heal, transform, and expand you.

New ways to approach limiting beliefs as you go forward.

What We Cover


  • You're not feeling as connected to your business

  • You feel you aren't showing up authentically for your clients

  • You're uncertain of the direction and WHY in your business

  • You're hanging out too much in your headspace

  • You feel like a fraud

  • You're staying busy but not being productive

  • You've stopped believing in yourself

If so, Flip Your Frequency is absolutely for you!

Don't Break Up With Your Business When A Breakthrough Is Within Reach

Call them what you want - triggers, obstacles, self-sabotage, roadblocks - they're lessons in disguise and can disrupt your progress, focus, and magnetism.

You're aware of them at a surface level. But to get to their root cause takes time and energy.


This is where frequency shifts come into play. This is where I excel. I am a no BS, results focused guide here to help you identify and disrupt energetic roadblocks.

Together we will flip the frequency of what gets in your way.

From these 3 months of collaborating together, you will:

  • Regain clarity and direction so that you can own your expertise

  • Restore energetic flow in your business 

  • Be more inspired and magnetic

  • Fall back in love with the WHY behind your business

  • Move forward with more confidence and ease

  • Heal and release stagnant energies that have held you back

Ready for an energetic breakthrough? Book a Call below to see if we're a good fit to collaborate together.

What's Included:

  • 60-75 min 1:1 sessions x 6 on Zoom

  • Guidance to help you heal, expand, and grow

  • FLIP Tips to keep you mindfully energized

  • Unlimited support, accountability, and check-ins

  • 2 Holy Fire® Healing Experiences

  • Your cost = $555 or two payments of $299

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